Own This Realization

OPeggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, offering insights, invitations and reminders of how to navigate your daily experiences. We observe how easily earthwalkers become distracted and even a bit scattered in their focus. Many we have observed look for those distractions on purpose because what they are experiencing feels too uncomfortable or even impossible to change or shift.

We would like to remind you that the third dimension reality with which you interface and upon which you are focused is always responding to your energy. When you consider for a moment all of the many earthwalkers also focusing their energy on this screen of reality, you begin to understand who and what is creating all that you are observing and experiencing, namely the collective conditional consciousness of the majority.

Remember that each day, you have the opportunity to start out with a fresh, expanded, unlimited, expression of your intentions and desires. Remind yourself that you are an awake, aware divine being that is powerful beyond measure. Let us assure you that if you say, think, begin to express and own this realization, it will shift the reality you experience regardless of what is observed in the struggles and challenges in the collective.

We would like you to realize that these negative challenges, struggles and injustices are actually offering everyone the opportunity to use their divine creative ability to clear, transform and transmute these examples of negative and misqualified energy.

Things are not getting worse; it is simply that the chaos, injustice and negativity are no longer hidden, covert, covered up and in the shadows. These expressions are being exposed in order to be transformed. Unfortunately, those who are not awake or aware continue to add to these dysfunctions by their judgments and resistance. They focus on what they don’t like, don’t want and therefore offer their energy to the very things they are opposed too.

Remember, you are a part of the awakened collective consciousness expressing a new and higher vision of what is possible. You are intended to be the visionary and the activator of divine truths calling them forward, inviting their manifestation and creation.

The energy of this awareness is opening the eyes, the heart and the clarity of more people allowing them to realize that many long held beliefs and patterns in society are neither true nor acceptable.

There is a tremendous shift taking place in the collective consciousness and you are an active part of seeding that shift. So stay true to your knowing and awareness, focus on what you desire to come forth, in your personal life as well as the larger picture unfolding on your planet.

Do not allow yourself to fall into despair or depression because of what you are witnessing; allow these things to be reminders as well as opportunities to step up and offer your awakened light as you spiritually shine. This does not mean that you will never feel sad or discouraged but rather means that as a conscious divine being, you understand that your first step is to acknowledge the truth which underlies the appearance and take the human action that may be necessary.

No matter what you might be observing or experiencing in the moment that is in contrast to your vision or intention, it is the true ability of a divine creator in a physical form to maintain their focus for the good, the life sustaining and life enhancing realities to come forth.

So your focus is important for sure; however we would also like to remind you as an energy being in a physical form and body, you must remember to recharge, especially when some experience at work or in your home may drain your energy. A heated conversation, your worry about others or some situation, frustration, anger or impatience will certainly disconnect you from your creative energy and ability. These events serve to distract you from your higher knowing and your sense of divine essence.

So say to yourself, I am aware that I am aware. This simple statement reminds you to wake up to what you are giving your energy to, pause, take a few deep and conscious breaths, shake off the negative, sound your feelings, hum. These tools and suggestions will cause a shift in your focus, making sure that you shift your focus from the upset, the challenge, the situation to a clear intention and image of what you would desire to experience if you could create the perfect outcome.

Each time you make that shift and change your focus, you are anchoring the higher frequencies into your energy body. Imagine that you can breathe in these higher frequencies as you are recharging. There are many ways to recharge, and each individual will find the best and most comfortable way to do this. Whether in realty or within your imagination, you can pause, close your eyes and pretend, imagine, sense or feel like you are in some lovely place in nature, the woods, by the oceans, in a garden. Create or find this imaginary place so that you can call it up, especially when you want a shift in your energy.

Universal and divine consciousness has been seeded on your planet by the masters. This level of consciousness is available to everyone in this dimension who is willing to access this frequency. Allow yourself to remember that this is your birthright, to understand your connection to the divine higher energy of ascension available to you now. Allow and welcome your own personal evolution, invite this aspect, call it forth by your words and actions. Trust your divine self, your higher self, to guide and inspire.

At this time be aware and mindful that you are continuing to expand into your own personal true understanding of your divine essence as a multidimensional being. Notice what leaves you depressed or exhausted and realize this is a good sign because it alerts you that you are misaligned with what you want and intend to create.

We invite you to relax into the process of your personal ascension and continued awakening. Trust that it is unfolding. Know that in each step of your process you are lighting the way for others to follow. You are transforming your experience of this and anchoring and seeding more light each and every time you act in partnership with your divine consciousness.

We are here to serve and support you, call upon us and other non-physical beings of higher consciousness of love. the ‘team’

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