A message came to me from somebody experiencing extreme pain even if they are being told by their doctor they are healthy,please read our Q&A here:

”My name is XXX and I’m looking for healing.My health is very bad. I feel very sick. Traditional doctors can’t find any disease in my body. They tell me that i’m healthy. But i feel these symptoms in my body: pain, temperature, depression, fatigue, anxiety, headaches and much more. I have tried many types of healing, but nothing helped me. Maybe your healing could help me… My financial situation is bad, so volunteering would be the best option of energetic exchange for me.Looking forward to hearing back from you” Nikos:Hello XXX,i just came across your message.You may possibly not be aware of it,i do have a website and on the website you can find very valuable information to assist you in understanding deeper what is occuring to you,which btw is not as bad you imagine,on the contrary it is about taking time to love yourself and be connected with your inner self.All the symptoms that you feel are result of the Ascension process taking within each and every one’s body on the planet right now.The planet itself goes through this Ascension process.What is Ascension?Ascension is the rise of vibration on the planet,it is the influx of Love and Light coming from Divine Source,The All That Is,Mother Father God transforming our carbon based cells to crystalline based cells,transforming our body,mind,spirit complex,having as a result to make more of our ‘junk’ DNA be activated and discover new powers that manifest in our being.Indeed,it is a process that can be painful if one does not do the inner work.Most Doctors have no idea of this.This has not been taught in medical books.This information i am giving you is embeded with Light and Love codes and it is something that i came here on the planet to assist for all my sisters and brothers.Now,how one does go from here in total simplicity:By going within and sitting silently for about 15-20′ each and every day called also meditation.In this blog of mine i share many more ways to ease your Ascension path,to help you smooth any pain and be able to find the joy in the now of the amazing things that are taking place in your body: https://feelmorethanfine.eu/raising-vibration-for-the-highest-good-for-all/.

If after reading you experience pains you may reach out to me here and we take from there.I wish you all the strength to get there with ease and grace and never forget you are never alone,call upon The Angels to assist you!They are waiting eagerly for you to ask their support.And i do the same for you right now on your behalf.Blessings and Love and Light in Peace and Bliss !