You are evolving emotionally, spiritually, and physically to meet the needs you forerunners created throughout the eons to initiate and complete this transition.

Dear Ones,

Your past 3D fears have been understandable for you either experienced similar fears, or someone else has. Three-D fears were limited to the known. Such is no longer true because you are entering a new life as a new being.

So as you activate your new skills, fears may dominate your being. Not because such is necessary, but because you have no knowledge of your new normal. Everything is new and therefore a bit frightening.

Puberty was a frustrating, fearful time for many despite adults informing you that your erratic emotions and physical changes were to be expected, that all was well in your life.

But no one of the 3D earth is reaffirming your rightness now for you are no longer functioning as either you or they expected.

Of course, that last statement sends a shiver of fear through many forerunners for you are now worried you might grow a tail or act so different as to be ostracised by your community.

Such is not the case. For you know what you need to do to be part of society. The difference is you likely no longer wish to play many of those roles.

Perhaps think of the butterfly as it leaves its cocoon. Do you not suppose that butterfly is a bit frightened when it takes its first flying test run? So it is for you.

Innately, you will activate the skills you created for this transition. But that first attempt to do so will probably seem a bit frightening or awkward for you have no one but us or your transition community to inform you of your rightness.

Your special skills are now coming to the forefront – and they will appear without effort on your part. But as they do, you will wonder if you are normal. Something you have been taught for eons to fight for.

You seldom have if ever relayed your special skills to others while of the earth. So it is you are frightened by the possibility of doing so will set you outside the norm despite your innate knowledge that such is your role.

Of course, you are not necessarily able to look within a butterfly’s thought processes, but we will tell you that at every new stage, the butterfly questions the wisdom of its ways until it initiates the next stage. It is confusing for the butterfly to transition from a caterpillar to cocoon. And equally confusing to leave its cocoon and fly away.

Many of you claim that such is so natural the butterfly does not worry about each transition. Such is true to a certain extent, but as is true for a plant pushing through the soil despite the effort it takes to do so, the butterfly innately knows what it needs to do but not why. So each stage creates confusion and some fear until it is a butterfly.

Such is so for you now. You are likely somewhat confused for you know you are changing, but you have little idea how you will do so. Will you wake up one day with a magic wand in your fingers? Will you feel the need to sit in a cave for years? Will you be the envy of your neighborhood as you create one toy after another?

Who knows? Most certainly not you. And that is your fear. Why does this give me joy and not this? Why am I changing? Why am I not changing? Shouldn’t I be more skilled by now?

So it goes as you shift your fears from 3D memories to forerunner skillsets.

You no longer fully understand yourself, and no one can explain you to you. For the Universes are not as informed as you would like about your new skills. We are more like your parents knowing you will change during puberty but not when or necessarily how. When will my voice deepen? Will my breasts be large, medium, or small? All similar to the questions you have now.

You are evolving emotionally, spiritually, and physically to meet the needs you forerunners created throughout the eons to initiate and complete this transition.

So it is you started this transition more rapidly than we thought possible and you are completing it in the same fashion. It is just that you want the answers today even though no one including you know what those answers are.

Suffice it for you to know you are extremely skilled. You will complete your transition role. And the skills you need to do so will appear when appropriate. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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