Raising Your Vibrational Frequency For The Highest Good For All.

The Highest Good for All means YOUR HIGHEST GOOD AND THE HIGHEST GOOD OF OTHERS and ALL THAT IS.To help others the best one can do is to remain aligned with the deepest truth, higher self,GOD within to live a life of Love & Joy & with Ease & Grace,in Peace,Bliss,Abundance,Prosperity & Well Being.To gain access to these, one has to make sure to keep their vibrational frequency at high levels 24/7.

When one takes care of raising their own vibrational frequency, one is in service for The Highest Good for All.

‘One person connected to divine source is more powerful than millions who are not” -Abraham Hicks-

The intention of this blog is to bring a deep and simple meaning in understanding what Ascension means to each and every one of you and to lead you towards your personal breakthrough living a miraculous life in 5D:To be in the world but not of it.

So here is my perspective expressed in the simplest way i that i suggest to integrate in your daily holistic life style practices:

1.Starting the day with gratitude for living in the now and everything in our life and with Meditation:going within for at least 15-20′ after asking support from company of Heaven and Mother Father God.The purpose of the meditation is to find the sweet spot of feeling truly peace within connected one with The Creator.I  meditate 3 – 4 times/day for about 15-20′ or twice when doing longer sessions.

2.Doing some kind of exercise each and every day even for 10′-15′:It can be running,yoga,stretching,pilates,chi gong or a combination of all those always making sure to not exceed more than 50% of our capacity.Less is more.Ascending bodies need more Love and Care,less hard work.The rule of ‘no pain,no gain’ is of 3d and has no meaning here.We don’t need to work hard,we practice with joy being mindfull of how body feels in the now.

3.Dancing and singing is 5th dimensional existence at its purest form.(Ecstatic Dance or Healthy  Clubbing  Celebration).

4.Laughing:At times and especially when there is some type of frustration or anger appearing it is good to ‘turn the other cheek’ and simply laugh,even if it a little forced.Laughing Yoga is very good for that ,speaking out these loud for about 5′:hahaha hihihi hehehe hohoho houhouhouhou

5.Having a balanced light vegan diet,if possible at 90% raw vegan organic foods,drinking fruit juices and adding super foods such as spirulina,maca,cacao etc.can help the digestive system to work less and therefor more energy remains in the body with result to keep vibrations high all day long with ease.

6.Drinking a lot of water,preferably alcaline by adding 1/4 of bicarbonate of sodium and lemon after each meal.We always bless our water and foods with Gratitude.It changes their vibration.In the end of the day,we eat and drink what we:Pure Love & Light.

7.Walking,preferably in nature and Resting and Sleeping whenever one feels so and especially during the days that huge amounts of energetic upgrades taking place:Also sleeping is the easiest way to release resistance.

8.Grounding :Make direct contact with Mother Earth, bare feet with Gaia every morning first thing after meditation and before taking a shower for a balanced body starting the day.Buy grounding shoes if possible.Grounding our bed is equally very good.

9.Sungazing:looking at the sun when it rises and when it sets:it is the best angle and it is the best news and the freshest intel one can get directly from source.Exposing the body in the sun as much as possible equally.

10.Taking a shower,a bath and/or Doing short duration spas 2-3 hours :Sauna,Jacuzzi,Swimming pool.Water is a conductor of Ascension.And of Sea & Sun is one of the best combinations for Raising Your Vibration and this you already know.

11.Going to bed at night always at the same time.It is very much accepted in Reiki cercles that the best time for the body to recover is between 22h-02 am.

12.a.Listen often to Guidance from masters of manifestation such as Abraham Hicks.b.Make a list of affirmations to speak out loudly:I AM LOVE,I AM LIGHT,I AM GOD,I AM ABUNDANCE,I AM PEACE,I AM UNLIMITED,I AM ALL THAT I AM,I AM PROSPERITY,I AM FREEDOM,I AM TRUST etc.c.Making rampages of appreciation:Writing or speaking out gratitude for more than 17”uplifts instanlty.

13.Participate collectively in global meditations and making the commitment to serve for the highest good for all.Our meditations with Jared Rand happen every day at 3PM eastern and we are now at the mark 2,1 million and growing doing this each and every day.It is almost one year and when one participates one can feel instantly the effects in the now.A truly Ascending Experience.https://weareonelightforall.net/ 

I vividely also suggest our meditations for Christ Light Expansion by Sandra Walter every Sunday at specific times that can be found on her website:http://www.sandrawalter.com/

14.Doing any kind of Humanitarian work,volunteering or supporting a charity with a donation,or donating simply at a light worker’s website,or  for examle helping/talking to a homeless can greatly help in raising one’s vibration.It is in giving we are receiving.

15.And here is my very own special way to raise vibrations instantly,something i learned from The Pleiadians:spinning 33 around myself looking at my thumb clock wise.When stopping keep looking at the thumb till eyes stabilize.

16.Give Real Hugs of at least 20 seconds as The Mayas do where one can feel the exchange of energy and truly connect.

This list can be completed with your very own ideas, you are a Creator!Have Fun with your Ascension process.Be in Joy and Celebrate New You each and every now in total playfulness.

Et Voila!

Nikos Akrivos

Ascension Guidance,Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Life Coach,DJ & Producer,Channel.

For Workshops & Webinar for Raising Your Vibration please contact me directly at :info@feelmorethanfine.eu

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Picture credit :Morning Gloryville