A Happy Now.

What Time Is It? – The Council

January 3, 2019

We thought to begin our discussions for your new year that you have designated 2019 by having a little fun with the concept itself.

Now you most likely have a mental picture of a year as being a journey around your star that begins and ends in a particular spot. And you think this even though many of you know that this is not the case. It is a convenient thought. However it could only be true if your star was stationary.

Your star is moving at great velocity through the cosmos. And the planets in your system, being attracted to the star, seem to be chasing after it. The planetary tracks would seem to be rather like spirals. And the position of your date of January first is only relative to the star itself. In reality, it is in a far different place than it was on the first day of your last year.

Let’s examine your year itself. Most of you use a solar calendar, but not all. Therefore, your year may or may not begin on the day you call January first. Even in the countries that still recognize the tradition of a lunar calendar, the first day of the year is not always the same.

So you see, your years, your dates, your calendars are all based upon agreements between you made long ago. This has been done for most of your history, even of only for agricultural reasons. The study of the heavens that enabled a few to be able to predict certain perceivable relative positions of celestial bodies made those students of the cosmos into magicians, priests, etc. Sadly, the histories of those traditions and institutions has been somewhat less than stellar.

Now, to further have some fun, check your date and time before you go on a little journey with us, an imaginary journey. First, let’s leave your planet and look around, pick another body in your system, a moon or another planet, and mentally go for a visit. When you left Earth it was X minutes after Y hour in your time zone on this date. What time is here? Not relative at all is it?

Now try to imagine yourself where we are, looking at all systems, galaxies, etc. What time is it where we are relative to all of that?

You see, time as you know it is only a convenience that allows you to place events in the past and schedule things among yourselves. It is really only a human construct.

So, to end this, please allow us to wish you a very happy Now.

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