How can we stop these political villains from demolishing the Netherlands further?

Yellow Vest to prove the politics, morale, globalists bankrupt on 1 December in The Hague.

Now we are lucky that the common man is not with empty hands at this meeting.

This letter will also be sent to trade unions.

We can list what crimes the globalists have done to the world’s population, but let’s start by changing it, because that’s in our own hands.

No matter how many police will be, they are of the same color, and are involuntarily fellow standers, even if they have another mission, to protect the government’s rigs.

How can we stop these political villains from demolishing the Netherlands further?

Very easy, don’t pay any more to a criminal organization, through taxes and CJIB, payroll taxes or health insurance.

We pay for our own misery, we can stop it en masse.

Not everyone is aware that the current debt slavery money system will be replaced before the end of the year by the introduction of a new money system with value coverage.

For this, all the central banks in the world will fall apart, so that the bankers no longer have any power over money creation.

Through the new money system we will ask to freeze the accounts of the government and state, tax authorities, and CJIB, and to deposit them back for the population, also the disappeared € 1400 billion pension monies belong to the Dutch, an effort has been made for that, and the corrupt state has stolen it.

Police and Army can only get income if they serve their employer, and that is the population, not the globalists Bilderberg mafia criminals from The Hague.

It’s very easy, don’t want to listen to the hand that feeds you, go income, for police and army.

The new money system will eliminate world poverty, which means that the UN Migration Pact will be an outdated thing, because people also get an income in their own country and can live in abundance.

The Netherlands is for the Dutch, Africa for the Africans, the Antilles for Antilleans, etc.

Europe is a Christian continent, not for Muslims who want to claim the happiness of their own culture, because of lack of intelligence and their barbaric religion to dominate the world.

The Cabal Politicians have conspired to set in motion the exchange of the people of Europe.

This is an act of treason, to commit the genocide on its own population, by deliberately mixing it with low IQ people from the 3rd world.

Muslim countries need their own people to rebuild their countries, just like Africa.

It cannot and will not be the case that the European population must work to serve migrants forever and must continue to provide them with income, shelter and food.

The deliberate destruction of the economy must be stopped, no longer grow GMO food, deliver farmers directly to the population, to implode multinationals and to continue their exploitation system.

The Merkel’s, Rutte’s and Macron’s of this world together with many paedophiles will disappear from society by the mass arrest that will take place.

The involvement of Rutte, EU, Shell, Timmermans for the disaster with the MH 17/370 will be made public by co-causing at the CIA, FBI, NSA, Deepstate puppets.

The demonization of Putin and unjust sanctions will stop, the Nazis will be driven out of Kiev just like the corrupt EU maniacs in Brussels, with the new money system they will no longer be financed.

Share this information with the Yellow Cardigan initiative, people will wake up and see for what it is, a dirty game by a corrupt government that has betrayed its own people.

Possibly tomorrow November 30, 2018 the stock exchange will crash to announce the revaluation of the money system on December 1 in Argentina, by announcing the GESARA. Global Economic Security and Reform Act, signed by Bil Clinton as early as 2000, but never introduced to protect bankers and Wall Street and further suppress their world population.

Ask the police why the Netherlands, as one of the few countries in the world, has no constitutional court, because the laws are not legal, and the kingdom on May 13, 1940 has lapsed due to the flight of the royal family, according to the then valid constitution article 21, that the seat of government should never be outside the kingdom.

All laws and treaties after May 18, 1940, when the Germans ruled the country, are not legally valid worldwide because the Netherlands never got its own government back from the then occupying Germany after the capitulation in 1945.

Let yourself be surprised by what revelations will be made, and how the self-appointed Elite will be crushed.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.