Universal Credit for Homeless in U.K.


Hundreds of thousands of homeless Brits CAN get Universal Credit – here’s how to get help

HUNDREDS of thousands of homelesss Brits are to get extra help with claiming Universal Credit to help them back on their feet.

Ministers are today launching a fresh push to help homeless people get help with the flagship benefits system, as they try to fix problems with it.

They will work with a range of charities and advice centres helping to dish out reams of help and adviceto those most desperately in need of assistance.
Housing charity Shelter estimated that 320,000 Brits are homeless in Britain today – whether that’s sleeping rough on the streets or having to crash with family and friends.

New DWP Amber Rudd has vowed to get Brits access to cash quicker – and has said she wants to “fix” problems with it.

Universal Credit rolls six benefits into one payment– but the rollout has been beset with issues and complaints that it pushes Brits into debt.

Minister for family Justin Tomlinson told The Sun: “This government is committed to tackling homelessness in all its forms – whether a person is sleeping on the street, living in temporary accommodation or sofa-surfing at a friend’s house.

“We want to ensure people are getting help to access the benefits and support they’re entitled to, so they can find a safe and stable home, get into work, and improve their chances in life.

“We’ve listened closely to expert guidance as we developed these new, step-by-step guides and I believe they are a fantastic tool to make the welfare system more accessible for vulnerable claimants and the organisations working hard to support them.”

The guides go through how to access help and what to expect at the jobcentre when applying for benefits.

And homeless Brits can get extra help with Universal Credit such as:

  • Pausing requirements to look for work so claimants can get stable housing
  • Setting up alternative verification processes for claimants who don’t have the proper ID
  • Helping use a hostel or temporary accommodation as their address
  • Helping them to set up email addresses and bank accounts

The new Universal Credit system will be in every jobcentre in the country by the end of next month, but the rollout has left many struggling.

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