Keep On Dancing

Instructions for attuning to the energies of this mix before dancing and enjoying to the fullest,drink only water or fresh organic juice & avoid any toxic substances.This session is filled with Light & Love Ascension Codes:
In Gratitude to Be Here in the Now,Ask Your Higher Self,Guides,Angels,Archangels,Mother Father God to guide this Dancing Meditation.Inhale and Visualize White Light coming out from the nucleus of each one of your cells,Exhale and Visualize White Light around Your Whole Body,the town or city you live,expanding out to the area and country and all around Planet Earth.Continue expanding your Light around our Solar System,reaching Central Galactic Sun and Supreme Creator.You Are The Glorious Light of All That Is.Make this affirmation:IAM All That IAM,IAM Unlimited,IAM GOD,IAM!And slowly let your body follow the rhythm of the music celebrating this truth while keeping on repeating this mantra vocally or internally.Feel The Power of it.
Let’s Dance!