#10 Spiritual Action: Aligning with the Rhythms of the Heart behind the Heart and the Sun behind the Sun

Archangel Michael:
A warm hello Earth family. Earth is a very special planet, the focus of the multiverse at the moment. You will always belong to the Earth family, and it will come to mean a great deal to you. As you travel far and wide, you will be warmly recognized and received. Your heart will emanate a particular glow, like a shining badge, signifying you were indeed on Earth helping to liberate the beloved planet and all upon her.
Today’s message is a simple yet profound Action, when done with inner sincerity. A Spiritual Action is a group activity of focus done inwardly by individuals gathering in Consciousness for personal Ascension and service to all. The best way to understand a Spiritual Action is to participate.
It may help you to do Spiritual Actions in nature to enhance your own innate abilities to focus and create. The more you do Spiritual Actions, including group meditations or calls to community assistance of every kind, the more you will notice your abilities – to “see,” to feel, to heal, to create – will expand.
As always, this Spiritual Action is to enrich and uplift you personally and for the Highest Good of All.

Take some cleansing breaths, relaxing and releasing with each one.
Gently, bring your attention to your heart.
Sense and feel the beat of your physical heart, its rhythm.
Move your attention to the Earth.
Relax deeper and with your intuition, find the heartbeat of Earth.
Focus on physical Earth, realizing that Earth too has a heartbeat, a rhythm.
Notice that the rhythm of your heart and the heartbeat of Earth are the same.
Within, you have a living memory of what comes next.
So in your living imagination, locate the heart behind your heart.
This is the home of your God Flame, the Three-Fold-Flame that has grown from the God Spark of your creation into the blazing heart-fire you have become.
Your heart behind the heart also has a rhythm; with curiosity and gentle intention, allow yourself to perceive that rhythm.
Move your attention, your living imagination, to the Sun behind the physical sun.
This is The Great Central Sun, the gift of emanation of Light and Life from Father-Mother God.
Feel the rhythm of this emanation. Perhaps you will notice that it is a rhythm within your own heart-flame.
Breathe and allow all of these rhythms to rise together in your attention. Feel and listen: this is part of the music that is you.
Expand your awareness to feel others across the planet now earnestly doing this very same Action along with you.
Let their rhythms blend and merge with yours, creating the symphony of rising Earth.
Join and rejoin this song through your living imagination again and again throughout your day, recalling the gift you all are.
Singing to your song,
I am Archangel Michael

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(Channeled by Christine Burk, 2 October 2018. WhoNeedsLight, Dr. Kathryn E. May, Founder. Please include channel and full message when reprinting. Please no mechanical voice recordings. This Story Ends in Glory!)