#9 Your Inner Compass Most Certainly Becomes Overwhelmed: What to Do?

Archangel Michael:
Let’s begin gently, with willingness, the easy willingness that comes from the inner freedom to consider a notion, embrace it or set it down. If at any point during this or any message, you feel that this is not for you, please do lay it down. Whenever you feel this or any message is not from true love, please do walk away.
This particular message is an invitation to consider a possibility. There is an idea propagated on Earth that your inner compass cannot be corrupted. Tender Souls, shall we be willing together to take a long glance at this notion?
We find ourselves facing a paradox. It is true that you have a direct and unassailable connection to God. In that, your Inner Knowing is incorruptible. AND YET, you live on a planet, in a dimension and within conditions that have been greatly engineered for one goal: to interrupt, corrupt, infuse your inner knowing with doubt, fear and self-hatred.
The toxicity of your environment along with genetic manipulation, personal anguish and collective programming have supercharged the extreme influence of duality within the Surface Earth realm. The resulting acute push-pull has a similar effect that a powerful magnet would have on a compass. The compass may temporarily give a skewed reading.
Does it mean the compass is broken? No. Does it mean True North no longer exists? No. It simply means that due to temporary environmental conditions, your compass is understandably overwhelmed. However, if you navigate by those fluctuating readings, you may very well not reach your desired destination.
What to do?
Learn to read the conditions, the conditions of life as well as your own inner environment. Be freshly curious and really and truly willing to tell the truth to yourself about yourself. It is no use to blame the conditions, or the compass, or True North. It is invaluable to be willing to consider that you – and everyone on Earth – sometimes has an overwhelmed inner compass.
In coming messages, we will delve together into understanding the dark art of re-imaging, or how delusion is made real. For now, it is a huge leap forward to even be willing to consider the following.
God is True North. You have a perfect inner compass. Yet, sometimes the needle of your inner compass is pushed and pulled by the overwhelming magnetic extremes of intense duality. You may still navigate very well by your inner compass, especially when you take into account the conditions of the reality in which you reside.
Above all, when you lift your eyes from the stormy horizon and focus on The North Star, God, you transcend any conditions which could impede your navigation or journey.
Ahoy mate.
Serving alongside you with love,
Archangel Michael
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(Channeled by Christine Burk, 1 October 2018. WhoNeedsLight, Dr. Kathryn E. May, Founder. Please include channel and full message when reprinting. Please no mechanical voice recordings. This Story Ends in Glory!)