Join in the ceremonial dance of oneness.

We the ancestors of your past, wish to speak now with you, ascending humanity. We have seen your times past and your times to come. We see you and we know you well. I am Chief Eaglefeather. I see with keen eyes. We join you in the tribal dance of celebration for we feel the ascension vibrations rising, like smoke from our ancestral flame and fire, rising ever up to where the smoke meets the stars and becomes one with the All.

Many of you hear my words, our words of ancestral affirmation and are comforted. For you know our vibration. We are the ancient voices of the past, your past. We see with wise eyes. We see through the smoke, through the illusion and dross, and we see the current suffering and pain resulting of the delivery of New Earth. She is in labor now with these great changes of vibration and coding. Send comfort to the Mother. Send your healing light and love. And you will restore her, rebalance her and in this process you too will be restored.

For humanity is one with the Mother. Humanity is a part of her. For as we live on her we must honor her and in so doing we find our own inner voice, inner balance. For all must be in balance for the mother and her kingdoms to thrive. Humanity got greedy, created pain for all kingdoms which must be cleansed. We see the light literally piercing the black cloud that had enveloped the Mother. Streams of light like comets, starbursts and beams of spears shot through the cloud, piercing the darkness surrounding the Mother. Each incarnation of our ascended masters, of us, of you, is yet another light spear piercing the darkness and aiding in the rebalance of the mother.

We ancestors hear your prayers. We are available to speak. I, Chief Eaglefeather, stand at the forefront now but we are many. We are ancient, as are you. Your time has come to join us energetically. Anchor our words to your feet and walk on Nova Gaia renewed, breathing in the vibration of peace so that all around you are comforted and remember to find their own inner balance, inner oneness, within. It is this place of inner balance and oneness that humanity thrives. It is your home. The light has overcome, as was long prophesied.

Join in the ceremonial dance of oneness. Hear the beating of our drums and howl to the moonlight with light hearts. Hear our many voices join in unison. See the ceremonial fire as violet and let it cleanse you to the bone, where our memories are no longer dormant. We rise with you. It is the time of the lying down of the tomahawk. It is the time of feather headdresses, sacred rocks and new moccasins. The sacred dance of creation has begun. Feel the heat of the fire, see the smiling faces around you, cheering you as you dance, dance, dance with these new energies of eternal creation, in joy and total freedom.

We are the Ancestors. I am Chief Eagelfeather. Do not worry of your young ones. They are the wisest and most energetically prepared souls. They will lead you homewards. Together, you will bring balance and creativity with you to the new realm. We remember a time of purity, where the animals and sprites conversed with the humans. When all was at peace. Such will be again. Welcome this reality into your heart, for it is already within you. Simply call it forward and your vision will become clear once again. I am Chief Eaglefeather. I depart in peace.

~ galaxygirl