Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

I come to remove blockages, worries, and fears that stand in front of your further expansion.


Greetings dearest ones! I AM AA Raphael. I am your brother, Universal physician, and healer to you and all, in service to the Mother, in service to everyone that is calling on me.

It is with great pleasure that I am coming here to address thee, to infuse you with my emerald green, with my love and healing energy. It is with great honor that I come to remove blockages, worries, and fears that stand in front of your further expansion.

It is my desire and promise to thee, it is my purpose to make this time of accommodation and acquainting with your magnificent ascendant selves more pleasurable, swifter, and more graceful for you all.

In the world that you are living in now, a world that has been conditioned to have you and all of humanity take the most arduous path, to work hard in order to survive, and coerced you into giving your power away in so many subtle ways, it is difficult to stay in the higher vibration of the ascendant self at all times.

Dear ones, realize that you have always [had] the choice to refuse to participate in the old paradigm of living in limitation and lack. Realize that your task at this time is to understand the tricky and covert ways of some of these challenges that are luring you to take the outdated paths of frustration and dead ends.


Yes, it requires constant awareness and sharp discrimination to see the challenges, to discern the truth from the twisted false constructs that sometimes appear to be true. Practice seeing, hearing, and feeling with your hearts dear ones! Then, trust the knowing and follow the sweet and quiet voice of your soul that tells you where to go.

Whenever you are not feeling quite sure, sit in silence, go deeper and deeper into your soul, and be patient! Just allow the answers to come to thee. Trust the process, for the answers always come to you. Be grateful and acknowledge each and every one of the clues that are meant to guide you and direct you on your missions and paths. Celebrate and enjoy every forward step you take and understand that you all are moving on and along your path at the speed and pace determined by your higher selves, and according to your divine plans. Make it fun and pleasant, make it joyful and uplifting for your master selves and for everyone else in your soul family!

This why I am here, dear brothers and sisters, this is why I want to remind you that you are doing a fabulous and extraordinary job! Let me remove any doubts or fears that you might have. Let me bring that knowing and certitude to thee and know that you are in the perfect place and exactly where you need to be at this time.

Know that you are cherished and loved, always! Stay with my love and peace!


By Permission.

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