Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started.

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective and we are pleased to connect with each one of you today. We wish to simply expand our previous message of allowing. Perhaps some, many of you are pet owners. We do not have the concept of pets in our reality for each being is sovereign in their own right and perhaps you could begin to refer to yourselves as pet guardians rather and owners. Think of a small cat or dog that simply comes up and allows your love to flow to them. They are allowing the vehicle of your hands, your voice, your love to permeate their field and to become enriched by it.

You humans have so much support at this juncture of timelines. We wish to emphasize the extent and degree of support currently being offered to humanity from the cosmos, is staggering. Therefore, relax and allow. Just as you are so delighted when your aloof cat walks up in greeting and to be loved, so too are we, your galactic family, so delighted when you take the time to read and write and connect with these messages, for they are an extension of our love vibration to you. The energies of Gaia are in full support now of humanity’s ascension out of the dross into the light of full consciousness.

Allow and relax. Lay in the sunbeams and soak it up. No more pushing, doing, enough of scheduling your ascension advancements! You are advancing quite nicely currently in this Now as you process even more dark energies with the grace and ease of masters. Your tenacity, humanity, is staggering. We Arcturians hold you in high esteem. We encourage you to allow your success to be complete in grace and ease, and to allow our love, Gaia’s love, each other’s love, Source’s unending love, all to flow into your field and permeate it with radiant joy. You are the jewels of the universe and we salute your success. We are the Arcturian Collective and it has been our pleasure to connect with you this day.

Greetings dear children, it is Mother God. I am so grateful and so full of love for all of you this day, this evening, wherever you may be on our beautiful blue green orb, Gaia. Truly we are breathless dear ones, as we monitor and coax along your ascent. Today you may have been purging sadness. Did you feel it? For you are straddling many realities simultaneously and releasing that which does not serve you with grace and ease. Allow it to flow through you and release it. Release it! Let it go and give it to me. Allow my honey love of pure Christed light energy to coat and soothe away the burns and pain of that which has been released and is being released. Where you are headed, there is no room for sadness. Joy and prosperity await you just ahead. Claim it now as your Now, for it is yours for the grasping, for the taking. Claim it. Stake ownership in your ascension, in your victory. We have.

We are so full love love for you. The energies are most high today, from on high, quite literally, and the dark ones are spewing and sputtering. Send them your love and release them into the light. For that will serve them best and is their destiny. Transmutation can be a blessing, not a curse. Embrace this change within you and all around you. Be the change. I see the sparkles in your eyes and the big wide open heart chakras that spin with delight as you read my words of unending love, for love is all there is. And you children, are one of my greatest example of this. Love! Love rightly, fully. Be in joy.

I am your Mother God. I send you angel kisses of the Christed light frequency to surround you in a webbing of light, encased in my spiritual hug of never ending honey love. There! You’re well protected. Can you feel my embrace? It is not much longer children. We are nearly there. I can hear you from the back seat asking me “Mother, are we there yet?” And I acknowledge this has been a terribly long journey, but yet children, we are nearly there. I love you. I am your Mother God. Call on me and I will of course always answer, for I am within you. I send you my blessings and envelope you in peace. Be comforted.

Greetings, friends! It is I, your Sananda. This one just went to a funeral and is struggling a bit with the heaviness of the energies there. Friends, you are master transmuters. When you go into a situation or scene like that, know that you are being secretively called to active duty to transmute and assimilate a quick solution to the heaviness of the energies present. Send them my light. Send them the Christed light, send them joy and send them away from you to the Great Central Sun for repurposing. (She simply crossed over the veil, dear one. I know her well. She is at last free of a body that no longer functioned). I am the master healer, as are you friends. It is time to learn how to heal yourselves and to claim your divinity.

I am your brother Sananda. Soon the healing machines will come, and you will have new exciting advancements from all angles, from all sides and at last your news on the stations will be good news without angles or hidden agendas. New Earth is rising out of the ashes of this previous pain of 3d experiences. New Earth is existing simultaneously now, linked currently to this ever changing and evolving matrix that is breaking down. Soon there will be nothing of it left and the cross over will be complete. You are taking the final steps.

Open your hearts to love, to my love. Every time you choose love, you choose me, you choose your higher self, and you choose the prime directive of the mother’s master plan of love, always love in every situation, for love is all there is. All else is illusion. You have been enmeshed within this illusion within this holographic matrix for so long that it has played games with your head and with your heart. It is time to heal from the illusion of lack and of separation and to claim our place rightfully beside me and besides each other, New Earth builders, master transmuters and friends.

I love you. I am your Sananda. Be not saddened by those who have passed, for they are being healed, they are whole, complete and living a new chapter of their eternal purpose, just as you are my friends. Soon all will be revealed. Your mentors are eager to make their initial visits. Be sure to open the doors to them, they are a bit nervous and excited or “nervocited” as this one likes to say. Ah. Such times! Such change is a foot! Aha! And it is your feet that are doing the changing friends! Can you feel it? Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started.

I am your Sananda.

~ galaxygirl