The 8,000 Daily Global Meditation Creates The Miracle!

We are approaching rapidly at 8,000 on a global scale meditating daily at the same time (3PM East) ,once this is accomplished,more obvious changes for peace,joy,abundance,prosperity,wealth for all and the highest good for all will manifest with ease and grace.

Here is the transcription of our meditation yesterday:

After the welcome, Jarad Rand says…… Today, the meditation and the energies that are pretty rampant and apparent on the planet. It seems that we should address the energies of greed, deception, interruption, manipulation of humanity. To cleanse this, through our meditation and to see all of it being eliminated and send it all back to the Great Central Sun for repurposing.

We literally can and have the ability to dissolve all of this, that humanity has carried with it for quite some time. In the area of not wanting to let go. Wanting to keep for oneself, not wanting to share and everybody on this line (call) knows that is not the direction that we are any longer in.

We are headed to an abundant, prosperous, free-flowing social structure on earth. This direction, we are already on …..full speed ahead. These third-dimensional energies that we will come across, from time to time, are remnants of the Third Dimensional frequency…. that keep trying to hang on, barely ….to the social structure of the Human Race. Unfortunately, for those energies… they are not going to have the ability to stay around too much longer. They are dissolving, as I speak.

We visualize Humanity eliminating the energy of greed, of deception, of manipulation and they are being replaced with generosity, love, compassion, unselfishness, giving, sharing and of course we address this from a standpoint of: not everyone is afflicted with this energy but we will zero in on the parts of the human race, that harbor these energies, these emotions and dissolve them permanently, immediately and swiftly. They are no longer and can no longer breathe or exist. We literally will eliminate the oxygen from those energies, from operating or generating any form of energy what so ever.

I’m sure that all of you can get the imaging so that we are down to the remnants of this resistance of these different energies, that today …we will once and for all dissolve. We will create a bubble, a sphere around these humans, with the acceptance of communication with their Higher Selves, which is very welcome so that we eliminate the ability to harbor at all, any form of greed, manipulation or deception. They will be flooded with Pure, Unconditional Love from Prime-Source-Creator-God.

This energy will be created in our sphere above the planet and it will continually reinforce and dissolve of the greed, selfishness and manipulation, and deception….on the planet. Permanently. Continuously… Replace it with love, happiness, joy, unselfishness, giving, and generosity.

We are doing “House Cleaning” on Planet Earth!

Once again, I remind you that this is not a complete transcription. I’m merely trying to help raise the world’s vibration, by sharing information about this Mass Meditation process.

Many blessings to you all…. May all of your dreams come true!

Juli Joy

*The Guided Global Meditation will start on Everyday @ 3pm EST & continue on a DAILY basis at the same time.

**Number to call in is 641-715-0857 Code is 303471#

** If you are unable to make it at that time the playback number is 641-715-3579 (same code)

By Juli Joy of The Young Lightworkers