Remembering our dreams and setting the intention to be lucid in our dream state are the steps that allow our visions to manifest at a faster pace.I usually go to bed at 22h and wake up around 3 or 4 am to do my energy cleaning and meditation.Most visions i have are  about cleaning my past and about creating the future.In the first case i use the violet fire of Saint Germain to clean all past memories,core and effects and in the second case i write and/or draw whatever i have been experiencing and seeing.

The visions bring about a high energy as if it already happened in my reality that is felt very intensely when i wake up in the morning.It is like i feel the joy already deep inside me as the visions confirm what i was wishing for  and sometimes they go far more than my expectations raising my vibration even higher!

For exemple i’ve been wishing for many years now to have a car that respects Mother Earth.In my dreams i have seen everybody driving flying cars.Another exemple is to make tantric love with 2 women:i have experienced this twice:one in a physical way and one in an etheric way where we were barely touching each other.The second experience was far more intense.Another vision has to do with the eco sustainable communities i want to create:I was in my helicopter flying above the hill where my project became true,i could feel the breeze of fresh air,the sense of freedom,the joy of all inhabitants,the beauty of the landscape and all the houses that were built.In these visions the memory of it as it already happened and the joy coming out of it in the present moment is the reason that i know that my manifestations took already place in the etheric and about to descend in my physical reality.Now you know a little bit of my reality and what is about to happen in my world.

I invite you to do the same.Create Your dream,draw it,paint it,write about it with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper.Simple.Effective.

And see it manifesting in your dreams before it becomes your physical reality in Our New Earth.


We Are One.