Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ You Were Born Ready for This

Dear Ones, all living creatures on the planet, including you, are geared towards evolution. There is an innate wisdom within you that will guide you if you take the time to quiet your mind and listen to your inner knowing. You are in unprecedented energies, which means you are experiencing them for the first time. You would not send yourself onto a planet to experience this being unprepared!

You have everything you need to be successful. You have your own inner Wise One who is more than prepared for the times you are in, and you have an entire team of helpers ready to assist and guide you if you need extra help. It is time to trust your ability to intuitively move through the shift with the same built-in instincts that animals use to adapt to new conditions. You don’t need to hone it,  develop it or have it given to you ~ it is already part of you. You simply need to accept that it exists, and allow it to lead the way.

And while you are driving the shift through your conscious desire to evolve, the shift is also serving you by allowing you to hone even more skills. Not knowing what is next allows you to open to new possibilities, and to navigate one now moment at a time. Intense energies teach you to prioritize self care and tend to your needs.

Not knowing, along with energetic intensity, creates the perfect circumstances that allow you to get more comfortable with surrender, and flowing with faith and trust ~ the exact elements of the Divine Combination that is the operating system of the higher energies and the empowered human being.

Do you see? You are doing a magnificent job just by being you. You were born ready for this. You will not mess it up, we promise. In fact, the shift is well under way, and there is nothing that can stop the momentum it has gathered now. So rest

easy and keep doing what feels right and aligned for you. Phase one is complete, and phase two is where it really starts to get interesting.