Play this game to get closer to your desired reality/manifestation. #feelmorethanfine

High vibes every ONE!

These past days have even more been intense with energies from Source cleaning the old debris we no longer need and of course as within so without, we witness even more the destruction of the old structures that includes financial markets and exposure to all those that have used all their mastery to keep their illusion real. We can all collectively witness this now, one way or another and this movie is about to get really really good. So once again, i invite you to take your pop corn and have fun with whatever you observe in the outer world and before anything else make sure to go within for at least 15-20′ to align with your higher self and keep the high vibes juices flowing as much as you can. Playing games to keep vibrations high like writing down every day all things I am grateful for and play a nice tune i like and keep saying thank you and dancing works the miracle for me right after i have breakfast in the morning hours. Did you ever try this ? Here is the feel more than fine tune i produced a while ago. I invite you to do this right now :

  1. Write down all things you are grateful, make a list of at least 20 things.
  2. Play this and dance !