As the Deep State Winds Down

I love this semi-cryptic description of free energy and scalar weaponry:

“In the outer regions of space outside the Earth’s hemisphere, Electromagnetic Radiation in its raw form … creates solar heat and electricity – which is used for advanced weapon systems in aeronautics and satellites for classified military projects across the world.”

Electromagnetic Radiation in its raw form! Let us not use the words “free energy.”

Years ago only dedicated whistleblowers like Col. Tom Bearden were talking about the use of scalar weapons and the existence of free energy. And even the use of scalar energy in healing technologies. (1)

Do I hear anyone latching on to to the obvious and overwhelming benefits of energy from the Void? We have the answer before us. Any takers?

Granted that up till now it has been a little like volunteering to be a clay pigeon for Big Oil. (2) But now the discussion is entering more popular arenas.

Next stop: Elon Musk introducing free energy on Twitter.


The cabal’s plans for the pandemic were many-layered and extensive.  But like all their plans, they depended on having access to wealth, controlling the financial system, and controlling the media.

The cabal’s access to wealth is under attack on numerous fronts – examples are the Global Currency Reset, the Quantum Financial System, and President Trump’s EO sequestering the wealth of human-rights abusers. Without wealth, the cabal can’t operate.

The financial system they controlled is rapidly collapsing.

The rumors are that control of the media is next. That could be coming with a wipe of the Internet and migration to the Starlink system.

As for the folks supposedly travelling or in “hospital” but really migrating to the nuclear bunkers, they needn’t worry. Nuclear weapons won’t operate.  The only nuclear winter they’ll be surviving is a winter below ground, on whatever amenities are available.

The deep state is winding down.