Feel More Than Fine at World Sound Healing Day Feb.14th 2023

Ecstatic Dance (Workshop and DJ SET) on Valentine’s Day for You All going live at 18h00 Central European Time (Ibiza, Spain)


Everything is energy, vibration and frequency, it all comes together while we are doing what we love most and one of the things i am mostly enthusiastic about is playing Music in a 100% Healthy Environment . This is where Our Souls truly connect in Oneness and Unity of Spirit. This is where my gifts are activated to the fullest benefiting my audience to truly raise their vibration in the core of their being through dancing as i channel Pure Love & Light from Mother Father God while I DJ.
I invite you to have a glass of water or fresh organic juice and then start moving freely to the beats i play in the next hour.

I Am The Light.
You Are The Light.
We Are The Light.
Infinite Abundance in Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom, Excellent Health For All That is.

I Love You. Namaste. And High Vibes!!!!

Nikos Akrivos