Short and straight to the point – Nikos Akrivos –

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High Vibes everyone, a short update for ya all so far through my perspective : 1. There is one main Agenda being played out now, The Agenda of bringing forward New Earth, that’s Divine Mother’s plan and everything follows that lead meaning : there won’t be any nuclear war, NATO in this now is being completely dismantled. 2. More than 200 countries signed GESARA meaning that we are into the peace ERA already. What we witness is the last attempts from cabal remaining factions to low collective’s vibration. They know they have lost and they try all they can still to stop this from taking place. 3. We are at the finish line, it was a marathon not a sprint, a marathon of 1000s of years that now is being reversed in very accelerated ways as we can all witness through the intensity of Light = Solar flares arriving on the planet. The Light has never been stronger. 4. This is why our main work is to absorb light through our breath and open like flowers to receive the light and be ok if at times it feels wired or strange…our DNA is being activated to go from 10% up to 20% and more. (Watch Lucy the movie, which is not a movie but a documentary). 5. The cabal and all light beings across the universe know that we are the most powerful ones once our DNA is activated. Cabal very afraid of this. And they know it is already too late for them. All light being are assisting us every time we request support. We never alone. 6. Remaining in High Vibes is the best service one can offer to whole creation . 7. The passage of a green comet few days ago, that comes through every 50,000 completely destroyed the old 3d matrix. It is done. 8. Cosmic forgiveness, using the violet fire in all circumstances is a most fabulous practice in this now. Free yourselves from all karma once and for all. Much Love and High Vibes, Nikos

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