I am Source. Please enjoy my presence as I so enjoy yours.

Source via Galaxygirl | February 5, 2023

Source 2/5/2023

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the in-between. I breathe atoms and universes into existence. I am that I am. I breathed you into existence. You are my beloved children, creators in your own right, and I am very proud of your achievements. (I am seeing parents with happy tears in the stands as they watch their children graduate on the field). It is much like that. Gaia has graduated and those upon her made it possible. You are experiencing the great changes and your light is needed to anchor this change deeply into the hearts of men and women whose eyes have yet to see. There is much that has been veiled from humanity, there has been tremendous deception and darkness. There is also tremendous truth and light. The light that I am, that we are, is making a profound difference and has won the war. It is not yet time to celebrate on your realm as you are still in the midst of the changeover but know that whatever is happening I celebrate you, and I support you.

I am Source. You are my children, my flames of light that are carrying the torch for freedom. I am filling you with freedom codes so that you may ignite them with your very presence. You will be protected in the earth changes. Remember those that choose to pass on have soul contracts to do so. And who are you to deny them that? When a soul is on a journey, it is their destiny to succeed but do not pretend to know the intimate thoughts and inner-workings of a multidimensional soul. They may not even be aware of their own need or choice, and in fact they most likely will not. But that does not invalidate it. And so you hold space for them in their choice point. You hold love and light literally for the planet and those upon her. This one has been picturing sending light deep within the planet so that it radiates out and fills all of the planet with calming light and peace. You may try this. Whatever works for you is fine, but visualizing light, visualizing peace, visualize calming of the waters and it will assist Gaia.

There are more than two earths. There are many earths, there are many yous, there are multitudes of realities and dimensions and universes. Just as there are more than one mitochondria in an organism, just as they are too numerous to count, the failsafes for this divine orchestration are too numerous to count. I have personally set my seal of light upon this project. I set my seal of light upon you. Success is the only option. There will be great upheaval but great opportunity for miracles and tremendous faith to blossom. All is well.

Regarding prayer, prayer is communication with me, with your angles and guides, with your team. Do not be flummoxed with who to pray to in that sense. It has been confusing for those who were deep within the church after their awakening to know who to pray to, who to talk to? There has been so much confusion. If you talk with me you are covering all of your bases for I am All that is and I love you as I love myself. I am love. We are all here to help you and to guide you on your way. But sending prayers of light and protection are always a good idea. Wrap yourself in this light and space of peace. Wrap your world in light and see it forever change.

There will be many topographical and dimensional shifts. There will be a crumbling of that which you knew so that a different and better higher dimensional society can thrive and flourish. This project has continued longer than anyone would have wished. I am bringing my children home to me, or at least to the next level of their development. Those that chose to not evolve yet will be still evolving as they are in deep soul rehabilitation while others will be in Summerland to rest and relax and slowly learn the lessons of this lifetime that they were not awake enough to see and process. Others will be on New Earth and traveling back and forth to help those that are on the changing earth and help hold the bridge so that they may traverse it with ease. There will be much trauma to clear from this lifetime as this has been the cumulative lifetime, of all of your lifetimes. This has been the hardest in a away for it is the culmination of lessons learns and traumas to be cleared.

I am Source. I am with you in the pain. I am with you in the journey. I am within you, I walk along side you and I carry you. Think of the Footprints poem. Yes, I carry you but yes I also made the sand, I breathed the ocean an all within it and I am the stability of the rock beneath the sand and the vast space that surrounds the floating planet. I am all of it. I love you so completely. I love us for what we have accomplished. Thank you for helping eachother. You are all of tremendous service to the light. You will find that it will be continuously easier to communicate with me as your cells are higher up in dimension and the communication will be more effortless.

I am Source. Please enjoy my presence as I so enjoy yours. We are a team, you and I and we are unbeatable.

~ galaxygirl