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Living in 5D. (in PS: Powerful New Moon Practice for today)

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When i go back in time and watch my life in 3D, it seems from outer appearances that i had more fun than i am having right now. Simply because i was not aware of what i am aware of now. I thought this journey will go from good to better in all ways.
And yet, back then i never felt so good as i feel now no matter the circumstances. Knowing who I AM more and more that is. And from that space the thoughts that are stemming forth are for my and the highest good for all. Conscious Creation.
Did this happen overnight? Can someone else define what is good for me from outer appearances? No. And No.
Back then i wanted something? i go and get it guided by my impulses. A student job? Done. Work from something i really love? as Dancer?as DJ? as Restaurant owner? as Club owner? as Reiki Therapist? as Life Coach? Have multiple lovers and partners in Life? Travel and live a nomad life? Be on the Ascension wave as soon as i heard the call? Choose to be on a holiday for 10 years and only live out of my passion?
Done.Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. All Done.
Now and since the covid times of March 2020 that kind of forced me to remain in one area, while appreciating all the comforts of home and deep rest much needed for my ascending body i am also finding myself often into a place of boredom…because the things i want to see manifest are moving so slowly. I know all about the path of least resistance and allowing the river to take me downtream without pedaling upstream and i apply every moment being in constact state of appreciation for the gift of Life. So many things i took for granted back in my 3D life are now getting my full attention. You see what changed is the way i am guided from within to follow in every now. Back then it was too as joy has always been my guidance but back then i was not in the multidimensional awareness i am now and at the same time not knowing at all what next steps shall i take?
You see, if i try to do things the old way, body will say no.
And so the only choice i have is to be satisfied in the present moment of where i am unconditionally.
Is that it? is this Ascension? is this being a creator of my own reality? are there things that i wish to see manifest? Global Peace and Prosperity for all? Love and Kindness? Travels? Fun? Friends? More Clarity? New Home? Surrounded by like hearted ones that innerstand me telepathically even. How long will it take to get there? what can i do while on the journey to get there? Well my friends, the answer is once again : feel good no matter what is the key (or just the very repeated Feel More Than Fine lol)
Am i feeling tired? have a nap or 2 or more. Rest as much as i can be.
Do the thoughts in my mind speed towards something i don’t want? Go within and observe.
What is the thing that has positively changed in my life these last years that i don’t see? I can go to bed at night and wake up in the morning peacefully without shoulds or have tos. All is Well and I know it.
Is that it? where is my ability to create my own reality to live it in my own terms? where is the tangible manifestation of what i wish to see manifest? Well, i see signs here and there and there every time i focus on a particular subject but not getting to the final result.
Am i blocking my own energy? No, i don’t because i remain aligned on a daily basis for very long time. Yes thoughts may take over at times but i am aware of them.
Am i in a place of resistance without knowing? maybe at times and that’s why i must always focus on feeling good and not beat up on myself for not doing so at times. Incoming energies are disrupting and more sensitivity is a powerful tool to have when more Light comes to Earth (See spikes in Schumann Frequencies)…and so that’s the way it goes from here…can get boring, ears buzzing, sleepiness, procrastination in all its glory because not possible to do anything else, not getting immediately what i desire and being ok to be in the uknown and keep on keeping on : IAM the Love, Light and Truth day in and day out. Thank You God, thank you, thank you. Thank You Higher Self = Me, One with God, One with all creation. I Love You, I Love Me, I AM Magnificent, I AM Healthy, I AM Wealthy, I Am Abundant and I intend to Feel More Than Fine unconditionally at all times.
That’s what changed.
Because before it was the conditions that made me happy. And the need to satisfy other, to entertain others, to serve others ignoring myself completely.
Now it is the happiness before that brings me what i desire after.
3D to Multidimensional.
Celebrating now, brings what i desire.
Self Love. Yes! More please!!!
How easy this is!
And yes at times it can be boring but boredom has also its place in the creative process and expansion. Procrastination too.
This is not the discourse of those who proclaim no pain no gain, this is the discourse More Joy More Gain = More Expansion.
Drop the micro.
Going back to bed for 2nd phase of sleep. Loving it. Ludic dreaming.
Happy Lucid Dreams to all you dreamers too.
Day or night.

Feel More Than Fine


PS.Morning times gratitude journal.

Thank You God and entire company of Heaven, Mother Earth and Elementals for:
-My gift of Life.
-Peace in me and all around me
-Abundance in all forms: Air i breath. Pure Water to drink and take a shower/bath. Pure Organic Food on my table. Power to bliss my foods. Roof over my head. Freedom to feel good. And monies that allow me more freedom to travel, buy things i desire and projects to invest in for the highest good for all coming to me easily and effotlessly.
-Excellente Health.
-Like Hearted Healthy Friends. Fun. Clarity. And to be more precise 🙂 100% sober parties in abundance and DJ Gigs too in such environments.
-Inspiring me , guiding me and supporting me all along the way with ideas that are in tune with my core desires wherever i go, whatever i do with whoever i am.
-Ease Grace and Flow in all things, all my intentions
-Making me genius fine tuned instrument of Love, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness and All Divine Qualites at all times.
Thank You God, Thank You Universe in through and around me.
I Love You. I Love me.

Now i play this beat and dance in gratitude and celebrate!!!

and this beat too 🙂