Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Not Knowing is a Sign of Success

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A lot of people think that if they’ve ended up in a space of not knowing, they’ve done something wrong. Let us reassure you, it is quite the opposite! It is a sign of success!

Not knowing means that you’ve done such a good job of exploring the energies you’ve been in that you’ve exhausted the possibilities, and you are ready to move on to the next level or stage. It also means that you are ready to move beyond 3D creation, which involves creating within the known, to 5D creation, which involves allowing yourself to be led into the realm of potentiality to the possibilities you aren’t aware of yet.

This is cause for both excitement and celebration. In fact, many of you are feeling that excitement now.

When you don’t know, you are ready to change your operating system to that of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. You are ready to reconnect with your curiosity, a trait which many of you haven’t used since you were children which allows you to experience wonder and magic. You are ready to allow your soul and your heart to lead the way; a wonderful place to find yourself.

Not knowing is a sign of growth, a sign of being ready to up-level, and a sign you are honing a new navigation system that will take you to so much more than you’ve ever experienced before. So allow the unfoldment, and know this is not a punishment, but rather an opening and opportunity. Enjoy having arrived in this new space and be willing to flow into the new, enjoying the just rewards that are the fruits of your labour.