Why Feel More Than Fine? Nikos Akrivos

How we feel is everything as how we feel is what we vibrate as how feel is what we attract. So basically how we feel is who we are each moment. When we feel good it means we are aligned with who we really are and hence whatever we desire comes to us effortlessly, less active work to do 🙂 when we don’t feel good it means 2 things: or we are expanding and hence we must find alignement or our environment (social media, some news, people etc.) took us out of our center 🙂either way to take action to feel good brings more results in few minutes (15-20 meditation/visualisation or 68 seconds of positive thinking followed by appreciation all along the rest of the time) than what would take years to accomplish with action. The true action is to deliberately choose to find alignement within which looks like non action but basically is the best of all actions since who we truly are is one with Source/Universe/God. Then from that place inspired action will follow and that inspired action will bring one closer to what they desire almost instanly than active work in struggle for many years.

The New Human 2.0 is here. Sounds Magic and Godly and It Is So.

Nikos Akrivos


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