Holding Space For Ascension.

I just spent another SUNday meditating 3 sessions of 30′ each to show humanity what can be done with Ascension with the rest of our global tribe…this has been going on since 2016…never stopped…feels like sacrifice…and in some ways it is. But let me tell you…the price to pay is very small in comparison to what i am getting back as Gratitude from Source. I can’t share with anyone what i feel. Each on their journey. And i can share with you that by doing that ‘sacrifice’ i know i am enough and doing enough for highest good for all. So i can relax and enjoy all the magic life offers in this now all the rest of the time😊🙂🥰




14h00/17h00 / 20h00 CET.

Let us intend stronger connection, Divine Light infusions, and Global activations as we unify through the field of Divine Love.)