Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Focus Beyond Imagination

Dear Ones, your life is meant to be a series of yeses. Saying yes is an act of inclusion that creates flow, while a no is an act of exclusion that immediately stops movement. You can absolutely say no to what is unwanted, but if you don’t follow it with something you can say yes to, you will find yourself in a lack of forward movement.

  • You steer your flow through your focus and gratitude.
  • Your focus is your blessing of continuation.
  • Your appreciation is how you expand your experiences.

If you have been feeling stuck, you can start to create movement by using your conscious awareness to identify what is working for you and grow it from there. You can create an entirely new timeline for yourself by simply focusing on how you are already blessed, and allowing those blessings to grow and bloom in new ways and directions.

Do you see? You do not need to have perfect focus.

As a human, you are exposed to many things, which is part of the benefit of coming onto the planet. You can easily discern what is not for you, and that will become a fleeting energetic experience if you remember to keep moving, and to redirect your focus to what you prefer.

And if you can keep your intentions broad with openness and curiosity, you give the universe plenty of room to surprise and delight you with solutions and adventures that you never could have imagined, but that have been sitting there as true potentials for you all along.