Message from my Higher Self (7 Nov.2022) -Nikos Akrivos-

You came into your physical body as a soul wanting to explore a human experience, knowing fully that by doing that you will expand and serve the whole by choosing to follow the path of joy in all circumstances however your perception would be in every now. Along the way you explored all emotional states from fear, hate, shame to anger to love to peace and abundance and all states in between. In other words Source through you has had and is having experiences that no one ever experienced before and through this exploration you as having a human experience become a Master in the emotional states all across The Universes. This is why everyone, no matter what emotional state she/he experiences, every time she/he allows more expansion of Source and more knowledge through a particular experience that no matter how it looks, it is always serving the whole. That is why everyone no matter where they stand in their awareness is of service to All The Universes.

And once one realizes and knows how deep within how true authentic joy and appreciation and peace feels, one knows that she/he is one with Source. And the more one practices to get into this state by choosing deliberately to go within and calm the mind for at least 15′ the more one becomes aware of The Oneness with Source , with The One and True Love that is without conditions. And the more one knows that, the more one frees the self by choosing deliberately to feel good. That is why the message remains the same: Your purpose in life is to be in joy. And if today it seems like the same day like yesterday, listen carefully to your inner guidance, keep the valve of your heart open, it will guide you to walk in another street maybe today or take a hike or do something that you didn’t do for quite some time. Decide now to have a lovely day. Intend now to choose the action that feels more than fine and see what this day and the next and the next bring to you.

I Love You.

Your Higher Self.


Nikos Akrivos