Archangel Michael

Week 80 Angelic Warrior Group

October 30, 2022

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

As events transpire on earth you’ll see that in many cases the event was not as bad as was predicted. You stocked up only to find that many items you need are still on the shelves and available to you. You guarded your money only to find that it remains safe. This is not to say that all is well and all is done – that you are in the golden age – for you are not. But getting to this age has not been as horrific for many of you as was predicted.

We say take predictions with a grain of salt at times as they as often peppered with the emotions of the one who speaks them.

For this week, again, I thank Sharon who is extremely ill today, for her work. I have promised her a miracle and she will receive it. For those of you wishing to participate, please send your loving energies to the group that currently appears to lead the United States in order to weaken their resolve and further collapse their connections. Many are being arrested yet the big day is tomorrow – the day when their witches will seek to do damage upon the populace. Hold your Light, do not let it go and protect yourselves from whatever these minions of the devil may have in store for you.

Remember the following day is All Saints Day. Choose a saint of your choice and pray to him or her, thank them for their service and loving dedication to the people of earth. The following day is All Souls Day, a day to remember your brethren you have not even met yet know from the inner planes.

I am Michael. We are together, we are One, we are Legion.



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