And it is a very exciting time to be alive. And it is totally appropriate for you to take the time that you need to integrate. Rest is healing, renewing, restorative.

Spiral Galaxies “Ultraluminous X-ray sources” (ULXs)
Spiral Galaxies “Ultraluminous X-ray sources” (ULXs) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

Source 10/11/2022

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the in-between. I am the space within spaces and the All that holds it together. I am infinite, ever expanding, and I am with you in these moments of your in-between. I am with you in the apparent chaos of your realm. I am holding space for you, just as you have been holding space for the others. I wish for you to experience zero point, a place, a frequency, a realm of neutrality. Come there with me now, if you choose.

(I am within the vast void of creation. It is a space of infinite possibilities, planning, contemplation. I am seeing many beings surrounding this vast space, concentrating on the center. I am seeing a blue and green golden orb radiating light that is growing in the center of the void. I am seeing that this is New Earth and we are all creating it moment by moment. I am seeing the co-creation of this realm that is to be and yet we are told is already here. I am hearing, “it is not made manifest yet in your realm, but see it is made manifest here, it is growing and solidifying here, to make ready for physicality.”

I am feeling that we should all send our intentions for beauty, for hope and healing, for all that we would like to see on New Earth. I am feeling that suddenly I am standing on it, I have been teleported within the sphere. Looking around I am seeing smiling light beings also holding space but I don’t see anyone else in a human body. “They come often”, I am hearing. “They come often and lend their passion, their fortitude, their co-creative abilities.” I am feeling the prayers and intentions and they are all various prism colors. I am in a prism of light and sound, within the prayers and intentions surrounding New Earth, Nova Gaia. It feels wonderful.

I am pulled back out into the void with the others now. A tall slender crystal-like being with a heart shaped head and big almond eyes is smiling at me. “We are grateful that you could share your vision, your experience within this realm of light, of creation, where the light creates within the nothing of the void. New Earth is in front of you here and light workers it is beneath you in your realm. You are grounding this vision of intention, of space.” (I am seeing egg shells shattering). “The old must come away for the new to be released. We are not in physicality, it is a great priviledge, and honor to experience what you are experiencing within the bodily human form.”

I am being shown the rewiring of the human circuit, I am seeing the same plasma rainbow lights that were within Nova Gaia as becoming ever present within these who are open to it in their bodies. I am seeing dancing singing plasma lights. It is all very fast and very colorful. It is a spacious feeling, being only light, incredibly freeing. I often feel so weighed down by this body of mine, and I long to feel lighter. I think we all do, but I know we are here to anchor this plasma light, to ‘free the egg’. Source is all around us now, completely filling this space with immeasurable joy. There is no where else I would rather be. This is the space of creation, of peace.)

I am Source. I am sharing this moment with you, friends, and every moment. It is time to upgrade your connection with me, with who you are. For we are one. You hear this, you know this and yet, you do not know and that is how it is to be and how it has been for so long, for it forced you to dig deeper, to find me. And those of you who have found me, who have done the inner healing and listened past the pain into the silence you have found my voice, you have found my heart, and you have found the wholeness of you. For we are most whole together.

I am Source. I am cradling you with light. Breathe in these glorious downloads from your sun, from your moon, from your beautiful Gaia who surrounds you in love. But most importantly find the love that is me within. You have many tools for the times that are coming. This one has not wished to message me for awhile, and I am glad she is is back for you have all been integrating and learning and growing, expanding into the fullness of you. And it is a very exciting time to be alive. And it is totally appropriate for you to take the time that you need to integrate. Rest is healing, renewing, restorative. The full moon portal yesterday 10/10 was quite a doozy, wasn’t it? I planned it that way, to shock and awe you all back into my arms, into the fold of light that longs but whispers, and is always polite, yes. Love does not scream and shout, but it whispers, it loves, it nudges, it leads. And yes when needed love calls very loudly but most often it is in the quiet of a heart that beats true that the message rings the loudest. Do you see? Do you feel my tremendous love for you? For YOU? Do you see how all of those surrounding this vision space are equally vital for their contribution? And do you see how when galaxygirl hopped inside she was demonstrating that the Lightworkers are quite literally grounding the energetics into the new grid, of your new beautiful home? Now, you have always been home, and I know you will argue with me but hear me out. I am home. The light is your home. The light is the light of yourself, of your identity, and when you are attuned to it the resonance is balanced, clear, and peace is found here.

So many Lightworkers have struggles with peace. Now is the time of the ultimate grounding of peace, for much upheaval is very close to appearing in this shared reality. But it does not have to be your reality. Your reality, if you so choose to be grounded in your own source light, your reality is not that of those who do not see the higher energetics. And so they will see what is being presented to them within the lower sight, and that is fine as that is what they are ready and wish to experience. But you have the higher sight when you are within the fold of myself, and regardless of all that may surround and scream for your attention, you, dear Lightworkers are the calm in the eye, holding the space, grounding the light, and sharing the tremendous love and self sacrifice that you are, that you have been, and that you have been completing. But it will be amplified. And that is why I am offering to breathe into every one of you, a Source breath of light just for you. May it warm you in the coming days and be your night light, for it is within you now. Ready? (I am breathing nice deep breaths and feel sprinkles and shivers of light golden descending all through me. I feel a great space of golden light in my heart. Thank you, Source.)

I am Source, thank you for partaking in this visual exercise, attunement and co-creation. Dear friends, we are home in this space of togetherness, joy and unity. My beloved Lightworkers. You are so loved.

~ galaxygirl