Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Disclosure Whiplash and Empaths

Greetings beloved children, aspects of my Self, embodiments of the Divine Godhead.

Jennifer has brought a topic she wishes to discuss and it is of great importance. Would you like to share your thoughts?

Jennifer: Oh, I wasn’t expecting to speak. OK… I was doing a deep dive on the energy of the October full moon with Narendra*, and it became obvious from the astrology that we are now in the disclosure period, as everyone says. What was unexpected was both of us had the same physical reactions to that energy as we focused in on it: we both felt as though we would be physically sick.

I’ve heard about disclosure so often, but I’ve never felt it, I’ve never had a physical reaction to it. Can you speak about this please and offer insights for everyone, but particularly empaths and sensitives, for the coming period?

Divine Mother: Thank you for this, for sharing how you felt. The disclosure has been described by many as a ‘gut punch,’ but this does not really explain the energy of it. A gut punch leaves you winded, a little disoriented. What you felt was an energy of such overwhelming evil and pain that you were sick to your stomach.

There will be many who will be spontaneously sick, as the disclosure unfolds. The depth and degree of shock, horror, shame and guilt will be so overwhelming for some that they will choose to exit at that point, without warning, but in alignment with their soul contract.

You have understood so much with your minds, but the information has to travel through your bodies. It can’t be a purely intellectual knowing if it is never to be repeated. The horror of this is shared by everyone on Gaia, whether you came to participate in it, ignore it, clean it up or heal it.

The emotional impact will be a rite of passage for humanity. How well you cope with that, how you process it, how your trust in others and institutions is affected, will be your journey. But be aware, there will be unprecedented grace to assist you, but you have to live it first.

Otherwise, it would be possible to go back, and the soul collective decision to never go back has been made. This ‘awakening’ to the reality of life on Gaia will be as painful as the first realisation of individuality, when your soul individuated from the Divine Cosmic Godhead. It will be an unparalleled shock experienced at all levels.

J: That’s such a grim picture.

Divine Mother: It is the reality you came to assist in transmuting; this is why only the strongest of the strong were allowed to come.

Now to your real question: How to cope?

You have become aware that the waves of disgust, revulsion, agony and despair will ripple across the planet as much of humanity awakens to this information for the first time. It will be hard for even seasoned truthers, but for those who did not suspect such evil is possible, it will almost feel soul-destroying.

Here, I wish to discuss how empaths and sensitives can cope, because they will be processing both their own emotions and waves of dark, heavy emotions from the collective grief. This is also true of most children, teens and starseeds. Their energies will be badly effected.

Two Kinds of Response

The most likely first reaction for many will be the need to find immediate comfort: alcohol, drugs, chocolate, smoking, exercise, food, texting, television ~ wherever your wounding manifests is where you will turn for comfort. There’s nothing wrong with that, you will be in such emotional overload; your most primal wounding is likely to manifest strongly at first.

Then, depending on how integrated you have become through your personal work, you will lift out of these more damaging responses and reach towards healthier ways of dealing with trauma. This can include anything that uplifts your heart and distracts your mind, allowing it to come to a quietness that provides some relief. This can include: walking, drawing, reading, yoga, day dreaming, prayer, gardening, meditation, service to others…

Not all of these will be possible, so you will become inventive, you will discover ways to ease your emotional pain that work for you.

But what is important is the following:

These emotions are coming forward to be expressed and released. That means you feel them and allow them to pass, like waves flowing through you. If you hold on to them, you create a dam which is full of internal pressure and has to explode; that won’t help anyone.

So how do you allow these emotions to flow through you?

  1. Breathe: Your body comes into a stress response when you stop breathing, you create stress hormones as your body works out if it should freeze, fight or fly. Take a moment to take a deep breath. Then another. Then a third deep breath. Three deep breaths will go a long way in reclaiming your body from the trauma response.
  2. Relax your body: Your immediate reaction will be to tense your body, this will create a dam, holding the tension within. If you shrug your shoulders and move in any way you want, you allow the emotions to flow through you without holding them.
  3. Gratitude: In your darkest hours, try to find something, anything, that you are grateful for, because that invokes the light, which then creates alchemy, transmuting darkness into light. And you came to be alchemists.

There are many other things you can and will do. My purpose here is to give you simple basics to fall back on when you need it. Remember, we are always with you; and the more you call upon us, knowing we will help and knowing we will show you we are with you through tiny synchronicities, the greater ease and balance you will feel.

When in doubt, go back to basics: breathe. Just breathe. That will give you the space you need, moment by moment.

Remember that the emotions flowing across the globe at this time are not yours to own, keep or process. They are simply to be noticed and released ~ breathe them out.

Empaths and sensitives have the biggest, most expansive hearts. They are led by their hearts.  It is their superpower. Now is the time to take all the skills you have gathered, and use that superpower effectively.


We are always with you: angels, archangels, ascended masters, the divine energy in its myraid forms. Calling upon us, talking to us will bring us to you so we can help you with your burden, help you feel better. You may also invoke the silver ray, which I know you have found to be immensely nourishing, nurturing and healing, Jennifer. But imagining any colour flowing through you will assist you.

J: I have one final tip, what I find very helpful is imagining four huge whales around me, protecting me. As soon as I picture them, I feel as though they take my burdens from me, I feel lighter. You could try this with ascended masters or angels, but I use whales for some unknown reason! I know that sounds nuts, but it’s so nuts you may remember to try it, and you may find it works!

Divine Mother: A wonderful illustration of the creative power each one of you have within to find ways of sharing burdens without inflicting them negatively** on others. You will all find your own unique ways, using the techniques that appeal to you.

There are literally countless beings of light amid you on your planet now, assisting you. There are countless more around and within Gaia, and all are focused on assisting you through this last stage of process, prior to Ascension. You are loved. You are adored.***

*I highly recommend Narendra’s blog on these energies and the stunning cloud images he received as confirmation. We will be posting a YouTube video on this topic in the next few days.

** It’s perfectly natural to discuss this, to cry about this, but not to use it as an excuse to hurt another verbally, emotionally, physically or psychically. In this circumstance, it’s best to protect yourself as best you can.

*** During my spiritual expansion last year, I discovered that adored means loved without beginning or end, it is an expression of love we are unfamiliar with on earth, as almost all love is conditional in some way.

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