shallow focus photography of black and silver compasses on top of map

A Simple Guidance Map made for you.

Our intention is to assist each and everyone on their soul’s journey, to become aware of how good it feels to be aligned with Source and since Source is you, to be aligned with you really are. To feel good is to feel God. And the better one feels the more aligned with Source is. Does it get any better? yes it does and we are at the very beginning of global awareness of what this truly means for each and every incarnated soul on the planet in the present moment. It never ends and it gets better and better. And the purpose in all that is to learn to be satisfied with the journey itself instead of just the Final Creation/Manifestation. First comes the joy then comes the manifestation. And everything we desire, we think that in getting them will make us happy and when we are first happy in the now this is how all desires manifest in our lives.

We came in our physical bodies for the purpose of Joy and Expansion. And when we appreciate each and every moment, however this seems or looks, in contrast – as contrast shows what we don’t want in order to create what we want- and in full manifestation -knowing fully that I AM the creator of MY OWN reality-. It is a step by step believing and trusting process enjoying the gift of Life every moment that we also call The Feel More Than Fine Lifestyle.

And you are the High Vibe Tribe!

We hope this simple map we are offering serves you and that every time you read our content you feel more than fine, knowing fully that this was, is and will be always a work from within out first.

Everything we are sharing on this website is given freely to serve the whole and your contributions however small or big, help to continue our service here. Without you, without an exchange of energy this website has no meaning of continuing to exist.

Do YOU want this website to continue? Do You want to meet physically one day all the High Vibe Tribe in one place?

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Feel More Than Fine