You are blending your inner resources with those of the Universes.

Dear Ones,

What was is no longer – including what was just days or hours ago. In a sense, you are on one of those carnival rides that turn you upside down, sideways, and up and down. And just as is true when you are physically on those rides, your inner being is unsettled to the point of becoming ill.

If the vigorous motion of your current life is too much for you, stop, rest, and remove yourself. There is no reason to place yourself in those situations unless you wish to. You have completed your initial transition journey – the journey that most of those around you are just beginning.

Placing yourself in the current, whirly, frantic arena of many of those following you does not help them or you. Step away. Declare yourself free within yourself. Claiming to or attempting to calm their fears pulls you down a rabbit hole that is not helpful to you or them.

Those following you must wade through their fears – just as you did.

You are blending your inner resources with those of the Universes. But those following you want you to back up and improve their lives because you have mastered what they are experiencing.

The waves following you are in elementary school, and you are in a graduate program. You do not have the time nor energy to caretake them – you are determining how best to approach and complete your full graduate coursework load.

The detailed map you provided for the waves following you is available to all. There is no need to walk beside them as they interpret that map.

Those following want you to inform them that they are on the right path, are good beings, and that all will soon be comfortable again. You do not have the energy, or in this case, the time to do so. You have completed guidance for those following you by providing them with a map to inner peace. You cannot do more. Just as you could not save all the beings of the world when you were of 3D.

Your current world is quite small, for you are the center of it.

There might be a few beings you can communicate with on the graduate level, but most of those with whom you interact will have needs beyond the energy you can provide. Imagine a physics graduate student ending their graduate program to help eighth-grade students with little interest in physics.

You are no longer a caretaker in any sense of the word.

Those following you will ply you with anger, pitiful vocalizations, and whatever they can imagine to return you to their ‘poor me’ corner. But if you do, you will feel uncomfortable, even ill, and doing so will not change their life or angst.

You cannot improve the lives of those following you, no matter how diligently you try to do so. And they cannot negate their personal responsibility to face their fears. You are not anyone’s caretaker despite the assistance others have demanded and received for months, decades, or eons. You are merely a guide who provided all you can – a simple map to help others find their path.

Those following you have the opportunity to build upon the path you created. You are in a different place that does not allow you to step down or back. You have completed your caretaking role.

As for those wishing to remain in 3D, you have so little in common with them as to feel uncomfortable in their presence.

Those not yet at your transition stage will try to force you to return to what was to improve their life – something only they can do. You are not on their carnival ride. You are not part of the up, down, and all-around centrifuge those following you now find enticing. You have completed that shake-up.

It is time to concentrate on the new applications you wish to experiment with. You are a Universal graduate student exploring many new arenas – completely done with caretaking and the shake-up that now entails. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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