Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: Dealing with Sorrow and Regret

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Jennifer: Greetings beloved friend!

Ashian: Greetings to you all, our beloved selves.

J: Ok! You know that begs the question, are you future versions of us?

A: We thought it might!

J: Nothing like jumping in the deep end!

A: This is not the deep end. This is simply an incremental step, one you are ready for now. You have often wondered, Jennifer, if your reality is a holodeck, a vision board.  In many ways, there is a lot of truth to that. It is not as solid as you have been led to believe; it has a great deal more plasticity than you might imagine.  There is far more scope for you to create your reality than you have been allowed to believe. Your thoughts are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.  That’s why they invented television and radio ‘programs,’ to train your thinking in a way that worked against you rather than for you.

We would suggest that time has a far more present quality than you imagine. Your presence is a focalising energy, it focuses energy and creates matter; it creates reality. As you view your reality differently, you create differently. You regain your power to create, to manifest, to use the divine creative power the Divine granted you with, so that you would know yourselves as sparks of the Divine, so to speak.

J: And this relates to you being us how? Without meaning to be rude.

A: Not yet… Patience, Grasshopper!

You are now actively creating and manifesting collectively in a way that has been unknown to you before. This will bring about great changes that align with your visions, values and beliefs. People of different vibrations will create different realities, and they’ll seem at odds with the realities of other groups. That is as it was meant to be; this is a personal experience. This is you manifesting and creating the truth of your expression freely.

You do not all agree on the ideal expression of your reality. There are different visions for that reality, as different groups choose different values and visions that reflect their reality, but not your reality. It can be painful to see this manifest, to see the pain and disappointment, the wounding that some of your loved ones will chose to create.

These are soul choices. They are choosing to experience pain to transcend physically, because they were unable to process that pain at the mental and emotional levels. So now they choose to live through that pain physically in order that they know it, feel it, live it and – ultimately – come to release it.

As your vibration rises, you are able to process emotions, imbalances and woundings at a more subtle level, before they become manifest physically. Your loved ones may choose to ignore what they cannot see, feel and touch, so they manifest it physically to deal with it in a more concrete way. One path is not better or worse than another, there are simply choices for what you wish to experience, and the level of density through which you wish to experience it.

All choices are welcomed, honoured and valued by the Divine, because they are choices.  Therefore, they are the sacred creation of each being. They create the tapestry, the journey of each lifetime.

You will not all agree on each others’ choices. You will each imagine you have the ‘right’ solution for others, until you don’t. While you imagine that you know better, you will face sorrow and regret over the choices and manifestations of others. The pain that this creates is also honoured by all of creation, by the Divine expression as an expression of divinity. Allow it to be ~ the creation, the pain. There is no right or wrong, simply the expansion into different spaces of beingness, in order to expand soul expression.

And then you arrive at the point where there is no sorrow and regret for the choices of others, or even for your own choices.  You see it all for what it is; the divine tapestry of experience and expansion…a plasmic flow of creativity. But you can’t ‘jump’ the stages, and you can’t pretend or ignore feelings of sadness.

In the coming times, there will be great expressions of grief, regret, anguish and, for some, sheer agony. As light workers, you will have gone through these emotions many times. You will know that they are painful, and better felt than suppressed. That is the gift you have come to share, your experience of painful emotions. Your knowingness that feeling is better than repressing, that there is light and expansion on the other side of darkness and constriction. This is your gift to humanity at this time.

Yet also be aware, you are creators. You can support others with an open spirit, even while you create your sanctuary within and around you. Falling into despair and grief that isn’t yours is a step on the journey, as is moving past this point, to simply honour the experience of others without being triggered by it yourself.

You are here by choice, as a creation of your divine will. You are here to find joy and beauty even while you behold pain and loss. You are here to consciously create from love, while knowing pain is a reality for others. Falling into the pain of others serves no one, but you can choose to do that, in order to learn physically not to do that!

To the Divine, all is perfect. It is simply a question of your choice, and the constant refinement of your choice of experience. We invite you to anchor all that uplifts you; you may do this by going straight to happiness, or you may choose to have a picture that makes you feel joyful and serves as a bridge to the emotion of happy feelings. Use physical anchors to lift you up ~ this is part of the creating and manifesting your world, your reality, your experience.

We are you. We feel you more intimately than you can imagine, because we see the oneness in all creation. We are not blinded by separateness. We honour your every decision, knowing it is perfect in that now moment.

You are loved. You are beloved.

J: Wow! That was a master class at high speed. Maybe tomorrow we can deal with quantum entanglement!

A: We just did!

J: Hmmm!

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