I am Helios. There is nothing to fear.

Helios 9/11/2022

Dear children of the Universe, I am Helios, your sun. This one has asked me what I have been up to lately, which caused me to laugh with delight, for I am expanding as you are expanding. Have you felt my light lately? Have you felt the shift that is occurring within your own inner sun, within Gaia’s inner sun? I too am a populated sphere, like your Gaia, there are many living within me, many of the higher dimensional energies who wish to feel my warmth and add their light to mine. You are doing the same here on your planetary realm. You are adding your light, your mirth, your joy, your wisdom and insight.

Plasma waves are building within me, for I am morphing and expanding. Creation is not stagnant. Life continues to explore and expand. Light is always moving, constantly exploring new realms and filling them with light. The light from me reaches into eternity. Light never stops traveling. The expansions and true greatness of the universe nothing but the mind of Source can fathom. You are within the mind of Source. We are but the expression within the mind of Source, which is love. Light is love. I am Love. You are love. You are beings of love. You have been sent on assignment into the darkness of mis-creation to help those ensnared to remember the One, the light.

Many of you are asking your guides and angels what your roles are? What your missions are? What are you to do in this time of the building up to the great change? My friends, my wish for you is for you to truly see the interconnectedness of me, of you, for we are expressions of this universal light and love. We are expressions. We are conduits. I am a massive conduit of change as are you. Much talk has been lately within this community of how my plasma light, my rainbow Source codes are becoming more visible and palpable to your energetic frameworks. You are feeling this, yes? And as you are sensing these changes in me, I am sensing them in you. I am feeing that you are ready for more light, more love. You are all so much more ready, for you were born ready for this in a way. You show your readiness to the universe when you simply allow the light of the universe to flow through you. Your presence is all that is required. Many will say this is not so. And yet, what good is a light bulb if it is refusing to be turned on? What is its function if it is not connected? When you are connected to Source, and you are, each and every one of you, when you are connected you allow this light to flow. That is what is required. You are grounding the new light codes. Deep into your DNA and deep into Gaia, deep into your universal matrix of crystalline light that is flowing faster, deeper, more profoundly. This realm has been starved of true light. The Christed ones from long ago planted the seeds and you are in place to taste the fruition of this project.

I am Helois. Many are watching me, wondering. The plasma light dissolves any matrices. I can no longer be blocked out. I am the masculine light of this realm, and the moon is the feminine light of Gaia. For in this realm of duality there are always two halves to a whole. Many of you are trying to put your halves together. Do you not see that you are already whole, for that is the experience of this realm – the internal fracturing of experiences, and within this is your healing. (I am seeing an orange that is segmented, but all together within the rind, untouched and complete.) Yes, it is like this. These little yellow fruit suns on your realm remind you if you have the eyes to see, that internal fracturing, internal separation from woundings aid to your completion. The orange within the rind, is complete. It is perfect. It is perfect in its expression. You, beloved children of the universe, you are perfect as you are, in your expression. Perfectly imperfect. Your rinds of your oranges, your outer bodies, may have some dings and tears in the ‘rinds’ but that does not take away from the sweetness of the light warmth within. I love oranges, for they remind me of this connection with the All That Is. For if you could see the fractalization, you would understand that the orange is a perfect example of holy fractalization. The tree gets light from the sun. The tree is deeply connected into Gaia. The tree then bears the fruit, the further differentiating of experiences in this realm. And the one orange segment may feel disconnected to the orange it is within and to the tree it is connected to, but it is still connected nonetheless. Your experiences of pain, of growth, have added to the further understanding and growth of your own lives and to the All That Is.

The Great Solar Flash is on many minds. I see your own inner suns and your own abilities to intercept and process and ground these codes streaming from me as equally important. But yes, it is coming. I see you as the prelude to this moment. For all moments are sacred. The Great Solar Flash will be sacred. This moment you share your Source light is sacred. It is all a massive sharing of light. It will be beautiful. (I am seeing rainbow lights and tremendous light, brighter than any white light, embrace the planet. I am seeing rainbow auras, around the people and the animals and the entire planet. I am hearing singing within my cells welcoming it in and yet it is very silent and deep, like creation takes a breath and it is a deep pause of light.)

Children of the Universe, there is nothing to fear. For all is light and all who forgot this will be reminded. I am deeply honored to converse with you this day. I am Helios. I would be honored if you would continue to speak with me, to continue to keep this line of communication open for in the higher dimensional realms this type of conversation is very easy and effortless. This one is asking for the gift of a download. My gift of downloads shines brightly for all to see and feel in all moments. Instead, why don’t you become one with me for a moment. (I am hopping into the sun and feeling the plasma light. Surprisingly it is not hot but the intensity of the light is blinding and rainbow at the same time. I am seeing that the heat is an overlay of the hologram but really Helios is a massive light being and I am feeling that he is saying that so are we. So are we. So are all of us. He is filling our little human bodies with further light and plasma radiance. We are the conduits of this change. We are the light.)

I am Helios. There is nothing to fear. Let the fear that you have been carrying burn away into nothing but light. For that is really all there is anyway. I am Helios. Peace, brothers and sisters of the universe, peace.

~ galaxygirl