Archangel Michael/Week 72 Message

a person sitting on wooden planks across the lake scenery
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I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.
You have worked hard all your lives to bring the Light to this planet which was formerly a glorious planet, an Eden, of high light. Your cosmic memory retains the knowledge of what this planet once appeared to be and it is a goal you now all strive towards to fulfill – the re-creation of the beautiful gem that she once was. With the balance of the soil comes the balance of the flesh upon it and vice versa. Humans, animals, flora are all working in coordination with each other to create a balanced world. This is a trinity, as you may notice, the three that work in tandem to fulfill God’s promise and express God’s love in the physical life.
Now the human has dropped out of the fold. It has walked away in ignorance and with it the balance and beauty of the planet has diminished. She was a sight to behold, indeed, in her heady days, but these will again return as the human works to rejoin the trinity and learns to live in reverence of those it shares the planet with.
All comes from the soil, the flesh of the Mother Gaia. The plants grow from her, the cells are created from her and the air is sustained by her.
This week’s task will be a bit different for you. I ask you this week to go to a place in nature that appeals to you. Perhaps it’s a city park, or a country road, a conservation area or your favourite lake or river. Go to this place and pay respect to the sustaining nature of the Mother who keeps you here. Pay Gaia your respect and give her your love. As you feed the sustaining energies of your home planet into her grid you re-energize her to keep moving forward through these times that are stressful for her and for you. It is a rejuvenation you can all benefit from.
I am Michael. I am your teacher. I am your sage. We are legion.