Have a faith in transformation

Sananda via Erena Velazquez | August 27, 2022

August 27, 2022

My Beloved Souls,

I am Sananda, and I am grateful to connect today to all of you from my ship New Jerusalem, which has been stationary around Earth planet for months waiting for the events occur in your reality.

Humankind has been expressing concerns, why is 3D Matrix still exist. My Beloved Souls, the reason it still has a life, because you believe in the illusion created by Dark Entities. All your memories were deleted. You are powerful beings with temporarily amnesia for the moment, who don’t remember your origins, past lives and etc. Stop believing that enforced mirage is real, otherwise you will keep reinforcing it existence.

The awaken ones start to notice that they are like watching a movie or play. Eventually they are going to leave the Matrix and evolve into the next step of evolution Ascension, which represents transformation of human body in multidimensional one and moving into higher dimensions. This reality you lived for so long, it needs to cease to exist. Otherwise, the same mistakes could be made again like trusting the leaders that they care for humanity.

Now, it’s the time to start to take own responsibilities for your own life and not to have any expectations to be rescued or blame others for your own misfortunes. You are more than just a physical body. You are spiritual being with soul. You are using a human vessel as vehicle to move around. Dark Entities convince you with their tricks and games to believe the reality you see it’s real. They made a holographic world for humanity to follow their script.

The healing energies from Cosmos are unveiling the deception and showing the truth. We are aware that this process of civilization’s evolution has been very slow, and we understand your frustration. Many of you are very tired and ready to move to the next step. It’s going to take place, just a little more patience. No one can’t intervene with Divine process, it needs to happen naturally. Only in extreme situations, we can intervene. Everything, what represents old world, it will be left behind, you can’t build New Earth on old Earth.

First, you set yourself free from 3D by not accepting it anymore. You will be very pleasantly surprised, how surroundings and people around you change, and happy events will enter your life. Please, remember my Beloved Souls, Light attracts more Light and Love attracts more Love. We are All One. We are never separated by time or space. We All are One Consciousness. Thank you Universal Channel. Sending many Blessings and Love.

Have a faith in transformation.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez