This week’s target is again the current administration of the United States. -Archangel Michael-

Archangel Michael

Week 70 Message

Angelic Warrior Group

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

Today we find ourselves at a precipice. As the world changes we are on the edge of what you perceive to be time. This timeline is due to make major changes shortly, changes for the better for all. Although your work will not be done, you have much more manifestation to do as you anchor in more beneficial systems for all, we ask you please to take time to regenerate and refresh yourselves.

Self care is important in all of this and caring for your energy and using defense methods inspired by us of the angelic realm, given to you in love, are requested of you.

For those starseeds who still need to open their third eye, proper energetic maintenance is important. Clearing of the energy field, cutting of cords, neutralization of negative energy and dismissal of negative thinking, giving yourself down time to relax are all important ways to stay centered and focused on our collective goal: winning this battle with darkness for once and for always.

Many of you are showing signs of fatigue, some of you are battling with your own side, some of you are attacking those who are doing their light work while you are not. These are all signs that you are compromised, your mission is compromised and that you must work harder to clear your energy and clear your mind of hatred.

You have come to earth to be a vehicle for the Light as this is your normal frequency. Many of you are turning away and practising thoughts that are not of the Light but of the dark. These must be recognized and dispensed with.

This week it was reported that: “The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed, and the Light forces have activated an emergency backup Light grid for the surface of the planet, about which nothing can be said.” This is correct. This has occurred and now we ask that you fight harder to embody the love of others that inspired you to come to planet earth years ago.

What hateful thoughts have you had this week? What fearful thoughts have you had this week? How can you change these thoughts into thoughts of love?

This week’s target is again the current administration of the United States. As it continues to seek to war with other countries, its war against its own people forges on. Understand that all countries are looking at the success experienced in the United States as a guide to whether they should continue their own campaigns or not. If the States should overthrow their dark leaders, other countries will capitulate as well.

Me: I want to say something as well, Michael.

Michael: Indeed. Go ahead, Sharon.

Me: I’ve learned that the program to create new digital I.D. is being put forward in Canada. In Ontario where I live, the premier has approached the federal government for support because it’s being fought in parliament. Digital I.D. is connected via INTERAC – not your Social Insurance Number, not your OHIP number, not your driver’s license. Your bank account in other words. And digital identity will also reflect your vee status so of course if you’re not fully inoculated you will be cut off from your bank account. This has to be stopped. Just say “no”. Do not comply.

If you think they won’t cut people off of their money just think of the trucker protest in Ottawa last winter – they cut them off of their funding via INTERAC. They have started a pattern of cutting off people for non-compliance and opposition already.

AA Michael: A true warrior, Sharon.

Me: Thank you. I have to get this message out. Obviously they’ll take down my website and try to stop me in other ways but I just keep fighting for our collective rights. As someone who’s not even had one vee, I feel that others who have had two or three shots will now join with me on this because they’re fed up.

Yes, fed up of Fed. That’s what I am.

Please share this message. I have a small website up called “” Yes, a good disguise. LOL And if you want to see the UFO we saw last night and got pictures of it’s on / ships and stars. And it’s a good one.

Thank you for this, Michael.

Michael: I am Michael. I am your leader. I am your teacher. We are legion.


(I can see him bowing his head as he leaves me.)