Beautiful heart reading these words, feeling this energy, we gently ask: are you feeling the low?

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Ashian: The Low of Flow

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Greetings and blessings to you all. We wish to begin with a question: do you feel stuck? Does nothing feel ‘right’ anymore, yet you don’t know where to go or what to do? These are extremely good signs that you are ~ perhaps to your surprise! ~ in your flow.

Do you see the word ‘low’ in flow? Flow in spiritual terms is not linear, it’s not a smooth arc of ascent or evolution; it goes in jumps, in quantum bursts. When you move into an expansion jump, you feel the rightness of it; an inner knowing of your perfection that is subtle, yet perceptible, especially as you move deeper into the ascension process. Your jumps are a release, a sense of expansion within.

When the river meets the sea and knows itself more deeply; it recognises the ‘is-ness’ within that was always present, but could never have described.

After a while, the sea feels restless too, as though there is more and yet it does not know what; it goes through the ‘low’ of an inner knowing, ‘this is not enough, this is not really me, there is something missing.’

The sea meets the ocean and breathes a huge sigh of relief. It has found its home, or so it thinks. After another while, the ocean begins to feel the low, the restlessness, the vague awareness of something stirring. There are no concepts or words to really capture what is missing, yet it feels an intense sense of dislocation, unease, waiting… but for what? Surely it is everything now, it is the ocean.

One moment, out of nowhere, the ocean expands again, it realises it is all water – even lakes and streams that have never connected with it. There is a deep knowing and a feeling of rightness, aliveness and peace. Surely now, its journey is complete.

The low of flow comes again. The water senses there is more, and yet how could there be? This gnawing feeling continues, vague, uneasy, and yet a part of the truth of water, an expression of its fullness of being. There is more.

One moment, out of nowhere, the water realises it is not water: it is Everything. It is land, trees, fish, elephants, vast grasslands and great desserts. Surely this is it? Until, again, the low of flow comes upon it.

Beautiful heart reading these words, feeling this energy, we gently ask: are you feeling the low? Are you feeling small, trapped, uncomfortable and yet not really knowing why? You are in the low of flow. You are in the chrysalis of your evolution from caterpillar to butterfly.

Jennifer is fond of reminding people that the caterpillar doesn’t grow wings: it melts. Then it is recreated in a new form.

Humanity is melting. Those of you who have been through this process before ~ the lightworkers who came here to consciously hold the energy of this process ~ you know this. You feel it and bump up against it every day, even if you cannot name it.

So, we give you this idea: the low of flow. It is a moment in beingness. It is neither good nor bad, simply an awareness of expansion. It will pass, and you will know when it has passed for you. You will feel alive. You will have knowingness. Love will flow through you with greater softness, energy and delight than you imagined.

Trust your journey. You are doing magnificently. And we love you in every moment, in every stage.

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