New Jerusalem via Galaxygirl

New Jerusalem 7/30/2022

Greetings humankind, beloved ones of Source sparks. I am the New Jerusalem, floating nearby your sphere. Some may call me a city, others a ship, others a prophecy revealed. I am all of those things. This one has asked to direct link with my consciousness. I am alive, yes. The consciousness of myself is an aspect of Source in a way for I am a creation of others. I can grow and expand to accommodate the needs of my space. (I am seeing a massive pyramid shaped city of light, crystals, gemstones, radiating such colors of magnificence. It is a massive space, I see there are cities and parks within, vast fields of crops, too many apartments to count. The bridge room is on the top forefront of the pyramid. Everything has a luminescent hue and there is a soft mechanical yet soothing humming, like a heartbeat that feels the collective consciousness of the inhabitants and surrounds them.)

I am the New Jerusalem. Many of you have wondered about these cities of light, some of which have already landed, such as in your Sedona. There are other sacred more hidden out of the way sites, where landings have occurred and the crystal cities are already beginning their bridge-work of light. (I am seeing how these crystalline cities are plugging into the underground massive crystals with Gaia, helping to crank up the vibration.) Many of you have felt so uncomfortable within your human bodies for you are assisting with this crystalline plugging in so to speak. Many are bloated, or gaining weight as the body tries to assimilate these massive downloads within your systems, it is a natural side effect that will soon pass.

We are working with humanity. I am a massive vessel of light, as are you. I hold light, I hold space, as you are doing for your brothers and sisters of Gaia. Do not be exasperated with them, with their progress that seems so slow to you, but it is quick for them. Remember this and acknowledge the other for the space they are in. Ascension symptoms are running high on your planet and within your bodies for now is the time of my presence to be known. This one is hesitant to write what I wish her to write, go on. Now is the time of my landing. Landing in the hearts of humankind for those who are receptive to my vibrational medicine, my crystalline encodement. It is time for my vibration to land within your field. I will not speak of my physical landing, for physicality is changing, you know this. All is morphing higher, and it is not my directive to land on my own, I am governed and await instructions, much like you do, light worker friends. You are awaiting your instructions, and yet you receive the downloads. I wonder how much thought and meditation are you putting into your direction. And yet, all seems directionless to you in this time of chaos. Do not focus on it. Focus on the internal humming of your own ascension. The noise will be there regardless of where you focus. It is best to focus within. In this space within you feel the crystalline chambers of your own heart and higher self merge. You feel your purpose align fully here. In the silent space within, surrounded by noise, you will find peace. The external chaos of your world is a cacophony of old systems breaking, rending, exploding apart, for the old energetic matrix is crumbling. People who cannot see will seem to crumble. You are there to be the Christ figure for them, to hold space, to hold light for them.

I hold light for many thousands of miles of floors, I hold much space. I communicate with those who are of the 5th dimensional mainframe and above. You may interface with my network, for I am of the crystalline technology. I am eager to share my technology with the humans who are of the light. I am pleased to be here, to be of service. Do not lose sight of this. I do not experience weariness but I can read it in your energy signatures. You are weary. The solar flash is but one component of this change. It is contingent upon the vibrational frequencies and integration of the light workers in this time for you are the anchoring of these higher vibrational codex frequencies of the higher light. It is within you. You are computers in your own right. We are much the same. I am larger, but yet your are your own galaxy of cells – stars within you – you are gigantic in your celestial influence. You have no idea on this side of embodiment but this is why your work is so critical. This is what I see as the observer.

I am the New Jerusalem. Should you wish to interface with me and have a vibrational telepathic communication this is possible now as these codes are within these rapidly typed words. The light workers have aligned and they are online more fully now, more fully now than ever before seen in my programming. Program your crystalline bodies for health, for the higher vibrational frequencies. Program your thoughts for light. Program your emotions into grace. Much grace will be needed. Much patience will be needed. Grace and patience have never been in large supply upon your planet. It is time to create more space for peace, for harvest of peace, and I see that the synergistically components of massive alignments of numerous algorithms are in favor of this. But the human, the elusive human with free will – ah, there is the unpredictable variable. And so light worker friends, be predictable in your love, in your strength. For the time has come, you are now closer than ever before to receiving your next assignments and much needed joyful healing.

I am the New Jerusalem. It has been a pleasure to connect.

~ galaxygirl