Ashtar Sheran – We Destroyed the Georgia Guidestones

I am Ashtar Sheran with a message for those upon planet earth with the ears to listen.
I am the voice of the New Jerusalem. As you may know my Commander is none other than Yeshua, Jesus the Christ who came to you so many years ago to show you the path you must walk now.
On July 6th of this month, the Georgia Guidestones were attacked. There has been no explanation until now for this attack. We of the Galactic Federation are taking responsibility for this. All that has been published to date about this attack is false: They are simply attempting to cover up our existence and the fact that we are helping the people of earth by claiming an earthling did it. He did not.
We are sending a message to your controllers and to you: We stand for the birth rights of humans. No dehumanization program will be conducted any longer. We are reversing the process you have been experiencing.
Enough people have been awakened such that you can now go forward into the Light. There are events still being carried out by the DS that require to be played out, but now we are at the end of most of it.
Your governments are falling, your presidents are quitting. The UN army is no match for Russia in their efforts to liberate the Ukraine from its long resident evil. Your monetary system is on the brink of implosion and a new BRICS system is being initiated globally. With China’s financial system in ruins, there is no hope for the globalists still alive in the U.S. They have no money. The inflated American dollar will soon deflate as oil reserves continue to be shipped abroad in the hopes of maintaining finance, however these reserves are being confiscated by our forces.
We outwit you. We outsmart you at every turn. You are no match for us. You never have been.
We send a message to the DS – beware of further attacks. You have many monuments across the globe, many buildings and monuments of extreme evil and these too, will be considered for further expungement. No humans will be harmed in these efforts. We value life, we do not destroy it.
Beware as we are watching. You know you are no match for our minds, you know you are no match for our weapons. What you attempt to do to the people of earth will be met with swift penalty. You are in decline and any transgression against your unwitting hosts will be subject to our ire.
And now we ask the people of earth – please cooperate with us. When you see new mandates levied, do not comply. Work with us to win back your world from evil.
I am Ashtar. We of the Galactic Federation have spoken. Our word is final.