Humankind deserves a happy ending with a peaceful, prosperous and a happy existence.

Greetings Mankind,

We are Blue Rays civilization from faraway hidden Galaxy. We are humanoids with blue skin tone and 8 feet tall with slim build. We are over 150,000 years ahead in technological advancement in comparison to Earth planet. We sent our first transmission through this channel two years ago.

We are communicating today to encourage all of you to stay strong during the fight for your transformation. Your governments have been governing for their own benefits for a longtime without any consideration or concern for everyone’s well being. As you see for yourselves in this moment, everything like domino effect falling down despite, how hard your leaders have been trying to stop the process.

This slavery system you lived under is slowly dissolving in your world, it just the matter of time. We are routing for your liberation and transition to 5D. We have created a lot of healing technologies that you could use now. Unfortunately, we are from 8th dimension and our Councils are even higher, it would be too complex for us to land on low vibrational planet. We will visit your New Earth, and if it will be needed, we are ready to assist in development of new peaceful technologies for humankind.

Meantime, during the ascension process your human flesh bodies need to transition into 5D multidimensional bodies. You will forget, what means to be sick or have some kind defect. You are creators like us, so you are going to learn, how to use your imagination freely. We were a long time ago in low dimensional vibrations, so we learned from own mistakes that despite, how bad picture looks in this moment, it’s not going stay the same forever. Cosmos energies always is moving and evolving, some particles die and new are born. Divine order balances everything off.

Your civilization is encountering a hard patch right now, it shall pass, and all of you move into Golden Age. Evil is loosing a battle against Light. Humankind deserves a happy ending with a peaceful, prosperous and a happy existence. Thank you Universal Channel.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez