I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.
Today we see much progress has occurred in many areas of the world. Countries are signing up for the new financial system and there is a caveat that they cannot be at war. Otherwise they stay on the FIAT system and continue in the lower timeline. This does not mean they disappear from the map – it means that these areas may be uninhabited when the world is created in the fifth dimension. These countries will only exist in the third dimension at the time of the Event. They will not go forward until they meet GESARA requirements.
So, on this note, again I ask you to meditate for peace on the capitol city of your choice this week.
We must go peacefully to the higher dimensions, otherwise ascension will not occur. Those who seek to fight or cause disruption will not ascend. The fifth dimension requires a peaceful mindset, not one of anger and strife. It is a vibration of cooperation and respect of all others.
If civil war breaks out in America, then those not participating or instigating will move forward. There are many others who seek to help quell rioting and outbreaks, but the way to stop outbreaks is to do as we are doing here in this group, not to use weapons in order to stop them. Before you consider picking up a weapon, remember your ascension process and whether it is important to you or if meting out justice is more important.
Me: Just a question, Michael, You have a sword and use the blue flame. How do you get to do that and nobody is allowed to here?
Michael: It is my charge. It is my task. I fight evil on behalf of God.
Me: Maybe people want to do that too – to fight evil on behalf of God.
Michael: My dear, I am assigned to this task to help. We have all the forces that God requires to fight evil so that the human can live in peace, to reap the benefits of all God has to offer them. To fight another, even if seemingly justified, is a mistaken conception.
Me: So the next time Portland erupts, just stay home, watch the telly and wait for angels to help? I don’t think they’re going to do that. There are people tasked with these jobs on earth and they’re called police and military forces.
Michael: So allow them to do it. The common man should not raise a hand.
Me: I don’t think that’ll happen.
Michael: They make their choices. Earthlings should consider non-violent choices from hereon in if they wish to ascend.
Me: Ivo told me that as well. He absolutely forbids me to have a gun. So that limits my choices because I’d like to go and live in the bush. Can’t do that without a gun.
Michael: Yes. You must become non-violent. Start using your minds to create a peaceful world, which is what we are doing here. You have no idea how effective these meditations are.
Me: Okay, but I don’t think some people will listen.
Michael: That is their choice.
Me: So you think in trying to defend their country from evil that they should be held in lower dimensions?
Michael: It is not a punishment, Sharon, it is the vibration you emit that is affected. What did Mr T say on J6? He said to leave now, and he desired peace for the people who had come to see him. We must choose the peaceful way.
Me: Okay. Thank you Michael.
Michael: I realize this needs explaining. But your guns are a problem for Light forces. You feel you are protected, in fact you are not. You have seen cities such as Paradise with cars and homes burnt but with trees untouched. These are not ordinary weapons such as the gun. Now we must use our own extra-ordinary weapon – the mind – to create change non-violently. This is the ascension path.
Me: Okay, Thank you Michael. Oh, one last question… what about your angels that are here on the planet. I can think of one who’s an ex-navy seal.
Michael: That is different. He is one of the warrior angels sent to incarnate upon earth.
Me: But he appears to be a human.
Michael: Appears to be. Yes. But he is an angel and he is a warrior. You are also a warrior by nature however you do not use a gun – you use your mind and your energy to fight your battles.
Me: So we should be cautious because there are warrior angelic forces here on earth here to do battle but other starseeds and earthling humans shouldn’t do it.
Michael: Yes, this is what I’m saying, Sharon.
Me: So he might have a different perspective on things?
Michael: He might indeed. And he shouldn’t mistake his own personal mission for the mission of others. He can lead others in non-violent campaigns such as I do here.
Me: Interesting. I can see then, why some people get frustrated at the lack of initiative others seem to have. There are warriors who are the go-getters, who are out there trying to create change, and others who seem inactive by our standards.
How many warrior angels are here?
Michael: Many.
Me: Interesting. I’ll have to start to look at everything with that in mind.
Michael: I am Michael. I am your teacher. We are Legion.