Galaxygirl ~ Alahandran: Beaming the Remembrance of Home

Hubble Rocks with a Heavy-Metal Home
Hubble Rocks with a Heavy-Metal Home by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

We ancestors of humanity speak now. (I am seeing a variety of types of beings who are all glowing with love. They are standing in a group observing Gaia and observing us.) Those of lower dimension are not with us. Those who have interfered negatively for their own gain are not in this place.

I, Alahandran, speak. (I am seeing a tall, bald male being with big blue eyes who is smiling through his gaze and wearing a blue suit. I am sensing that he is trying to make his face appear more human, but it is flickering.  I see that his eyes are quite big and dark, but still friendly.)

Yes, galaxygirl, there is no need for appearances here.  We are those who are among many who eagerly await the turn of events, for we love humanity, and are very involved in the progression and success of this Ascension Earth project. We have lent our time, talents, and scientific mathematical skills to assist the upliftment of humanity in any way possible .

(Thank you Alahandran. He bows to me.)

You, Galaxygirl, and many others; you are holding the light, millions of you strong. It is approaching the billions. One soul can hold immeasurable light. It is the immeasurable light that is required for the success of grounding the photons from the suns. (I am seeing the bright light of suns all lined up and sending light of the purest white to the earth. It is so bright that I can’t see anything for a second, I am just simply light, within light, surrounded by light. I am home.)

Beloved ones, you are home. We are beaming you the remembrance of home. Home. Home. You are home here. For you are light, here. The light is here. It is within you.  See, in this moment, you are home. In this moment you can feel us, for we are with you. We are your star family. We look the same as you look, for within our different body suits, we, too, are light. We all collectively breathe light onto you, now…our love onto you, now.

(I am seeing beings of all sizes and shapes, all wearing different uniforms, all highly intelligent, loving beings. This is much like the Star Wars movies where the characters have various appearances, but these beings are loving, determined, very strong.) We uphold the light. We are beaming our message through this one, for the time has come for the light holders to handle more light.

(I am feeling the hair on my head burn as they send light to us.  I hope you can feel it through these words. I am seeing codes of light language in golden letters activating our DNA and igniting the inner fire. I am seeing our chakras light up one by one as humanity awakens, and their chakras align with the suns that are lining up.)

It is a grand cosmic event. The excitement is palpable. Beloved ones, you are the event. You are the light. We bow to you, great beings of love. We are eternally grateful for your service to the light. You came here, you volunteered to be here, to make this place that was so dark into a place that was only light, beauty, peace and prosperity.

Many of you are waiting for the great financial reset. We see the great spiritual reset as far surpassing the importance of this, for naturally, with elevated consciousness, of course monetary and financial elevation will follow.

It is like a mother holding a child’s hand as they walk side by side. The mother leads (spiritual awakening) and the child follows (financial awakening). And so all is well served, all is well grounded, and all is well underway.

I am Alahandran. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak. (He is tearing up, his great big eyes are all watery). Yes Galaxygirl, you are seeing tears of immense happiness. My great, great, great grandchildren are upon your planet, and I am watching over them. We are all heavily invested in this moment upon Gaia, for you are the delight of our hearts.

I am ever your Alahandran. (He bows, taps his fist to his heart and steps back into the light.)