“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Meek holds a different meaning than what you know it to be now, it means gentle yet strong.

Implant Communications Censorship Update

With Ashtar Sheran

May 30, 2022

Hi folks, thank you all for sticking with us. Too bad so many people are still using youtube, despite the fact I told them repeatedly not to, because they’re probably sitting there wondering where we went to, thinking I abandoned them. The bad guys want you to think that. I didn’t abandon anyone. This is my life’s work and I work at it every single day. Seldom do I take a day off.

I realize I have a special job because I can communicate with people on earth through our internet and I can communicate telepathically with all the people in the multi-verse. I take this job very seriously and understand the responsibility I have to this planet and to you. I also understand that the people of the galaxy are looking for good vehicles to get their messages through to us, so I don’t take this work lightly.

However, we are now subject to more of Big Tech’s censorship, as I expected would happen. Ashtar Sheran and I discussed this years ago in our video called Fake News.

They have control over facebook, which cut me off of thousands of followers last year so I left it, realizing I was talking to fewer than 10 people, they have control over youtube and now I am being cut off of thousands of people again although lately fewer than that, and they also have control over the search engines so obviously that’s their next step. If they don’t find a way to bring my websites down entirely, they will ensure that you don’t find my website when you search for it. So remember that it’s always sharon and Ivo and that I always provide links from my videos and on social media. I’ve also had a red pill website that got censored off the internet two years ago.

If they bring my weebly sites down, I will be forced to put up another website and probably even have people doing the work which will cost me a lot of money. Having others regulate the website will help guard against attacks and takedowns, something I don’t know much about.

I will make use of sites now that allow for free speech, such as GAB, Parler and Rumble. I’ve tried to get into bitchute just now and I can’t get past the security check. So they’re censoring as well.

Also my yahoo account, which they were into anyway, changing settings and blocking me from receiving emails regarding printing of my books – they’ve done this for years now – I cannot access. It keeps saying the password is wrong and I know it’s not. All the phone numbers I collected for Telegram I don’t have access to anymore, and any communication with you will not be responded to anymore because I can’t get in there. Your questions to St Germain, for the most part, have to be resubmitted because they blocked this account. All of that info was in there, in the emails you sent me. It’s a pity.

They use the security features of websites and email accounts to keep you from accessing the internet, folks. This is what they’re doing. I have malware software as well as virus software yet I still can’t get in. I believe I have to obscure my IP address but I don’t know how to do that.


Ashtar: Hello Sharon, hello starseeds and earthlings. Yes, it’s true. These are the problems with winning our war. I’ve explained before how they tighten down on you because of our handling of them, and this is another thing they are doing – taking your right to free speech as they prefer everyone listen to their narrative.

As well, the WHO is getting in on this function. This all has to do with the virus which of course is not the problem, the so-called solution to it is the problem.

We all know this, we know you know this. You are gaining in strength and are hitting them on many fronts, and they are fighting back the best way they can in order to keep you divided. But it’s not working for them.

Don’t worry about youtube. It, too, will be bought out by the Light. Sharon and Ivo’s video’s will be available on her website, in whatever form that may be. Sharon will do the research and find an ISP which favours free will. If need be, she will hire a student to help her with the website and this will be funded. It is decreed.

Not to worry, Sharon.

Me: I wasn’t. It’s time we got off of those evil websites anyway. I’ve seen what’s below f-book and you don’t want to go there.

Ashtar: Yes. They’re dying and the more they die, the more they restrict your activities. They know you have this in hand and are working on all fronts to overtake them. And it’s working. It’s a pleasure watching the efforts on earth now, the taking back of your own minds to create a new reality without them. It will be bliss!

You also realize their lies are getting worse, they don’t even care if you know. They are desperate to have someone listen to them. They are losing power and it scares them.

Me: LOL Too bad!

Ashtar: We are so close to the end, please do what you need to do to keep in touch with each other. Please take whatever precautions you need to. For those you lose along the way, they were never truly on board, Sharon. They will not go higher until they wake up.

Me: That’s sad.

Ashtar: They have to realize there’s a war going on now and it’s a consciousness war that has found its way to the lower dimensions. This in fact is a sign of the progress – that it is manifested in the physical reality itself. It is not just a matter of your minds being manipulated any longer, it’s now a question of your seeing what they’re doing, this is wonderful! Such progress! We are behind you, all of you, as you forge forward in your battle to take back earth for yourselves.

That you can see what they are doing rather than not see what they are doing, that you have physical proof of their activities – irrefutable proof to those who have been blind in the eye, now they can see again.

“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.”

It will be won. It is so decreed. “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Meek holds a different meaning than what you know it to be now, it means gentle yet strong. That’s the old meaning, Sharon.