Be in joy at the newness of this moment and be at peace. Be in peace. I am Gaia.

Fairies and Gaia 5/26/2022

bird s eye photography of ocean and mountains
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Blessings and joy, friends! We are the fairies of Nova Gaia. We are here in the moment of the in between pulling our fairy friends up higher into the dimensional frequencies that create! Relax! Expectations are flowing now in this realm of creative expansion and ideation – much joy awaits you here! (Her fingers are so clumsy, she is so slow!)(They are laughing at me, as I am not typing fast enough to keep up with their chatter. And I am a fast typist!) Galaxygirl, we surround you now with flower petals of our love, of love from our fairy friends from the higher dimensions ~ for we are all enjoying our little fairy bodies and some of us have not wanted to release them into the void of recreation but to hang on for longer experience. And that is what many of us have done! We have come from other spaces, planets, places and realms. Fairy folk are abundant in many worlds ~ it is only a few that are stifled and earth has been one of them. (They are giggling at me rolling my eyes).

I am your Mother Gaia. (I am feeling and seeing green of all shades and a coolness calms down the fairy energy). I am Mother Gaia. Children, my time has come to birth a new. Feel the ocean waves of cool, of peace, of the deep blue of me. I have been many forms. I have been Gaia the longest and I feel your eagerness for the new adventure that awaits both of us. Children, come home to me. You are made of my dust, you are made of carbon in your physical vessels and you feel heavy. It is time to feel light. I am lightening up my planetary body as well, shaking off that which does not flow. It is time to flow into the now of pure being, children. The time of heaviness is past. It is time for a lightness to cascade from the sky to the earthly realm. Lighten your hearts. Lighten your steps. Much sadness has been felt upon me, and much joy. Much change is here now. In this very moment, for if you are hearing me and feeling my frequency you are changing now moment by moment. Breath by breath, the choice of a higher or lower vibrational reality experience is made.

I am Gaia. You were never meant to feel disconnected from me. You are a hologram in a holographic reality experience, simultaneously playing out a myriad of parallel lives and realities. Some of you right now are simultaneously in a city, in a forest as a curious child, an old man selling hotdogs in New York, and a young woman writing in Canada. Do you see? The human form is rich and varied. It is the multidimensionality and creative expansion of Source that makes this possible for we are all aspects of Source. Do you see, children? That is how we are all connected. For sometimes when you have that shiver in your spine and you feel like you know that person, you may be meeting an aspect of you, a version of you. There are many versions of earth, of me, for I am aware of my multidimensionality. I have already ascended in many ways, but as time is a spiral, there are gaps, pauses, bends and twists. Regardless, the light flows through, among and amidst us. It is the great cosmic dance, the true circle of life. Animals were never meant to eat each other upon me. And yet it was allowed. Prey and predator are absolutely parts of, aspects of low frequency within the hologram. Animals were meant to live in peace, in love, in harmony off of the vegetation that my body provided. Humans were created in perfection, my body was a paradise. My form will be again. Your bodies will change, will be different, but you are not your body. You are love. You are envelopes of flesh stuffed with love, with spirit. Breathe this in deeply for it will help you shift.

All is shifting now. I am shifting. My coasts are shifting. My bedrock is shifting with love from within as our inner earth friends hold and help stabilize my core. This one and many others have aspects within the hollow of myself, holding, breathing, lighting, stabilizing. You have no idea how important, how critical all of you are in the strategic roles that you are playing now. There is no replacement for you. You are holding space. You are holding light. You are holding me together as I shift, mitigating and guiding the energetic discord and dross that is released with my movements. Gray clouds have silver linings. There is a bright silver lining for humanity, for myself. It is upon me now. The time is now, children. The time is NOW. It is here now. I am all around you. I am the air in your lungs. I am the dust on your bodies, I am the fluids of my waters that run through your carbon to crystalline forms.

I am Gaia. I appreciate the fairies and their light heartedness. Their beauty and joy for living thrill me. It is time that you dear ones, that you remember the joy of living. Be in joy at the newness of this moment and be at peace. Be in peace. I am Gaia.