Many, many more shall awaken. Many, many more shall move off of the path that they are finding themselves on now, and moving toward the path that you are on. They also will be taking the road less traveled when they are ready for it.

by James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, in these moments, as many things are changing across the planet.

Many of your brethren, many of your brothers and sisters, friends, and relatives do not know what you know. They do not understand that everything that is changing, changing for good. It is changing for the Light, even though darkness seems to be seeping out more and more to those that are not ready to see and feel the Light and know the Light. Know the truth. But the truth is indeed coming forward.

And as you continue to move on through your life through each and every moment going forward, know that the path that you are on is diverging.

You are diverging off in one path. You are taking that path of the ‘road less traveled.’ You have been doing that most, if not all of you life. You were destined to be on that road, on that path.

Yes, you have veered off from time to time. But now you find yourself fully on that path, fully on that path to ascension. Whereas the other path diverging off, where some of your friends, your brothers, your sisters, family members are, yes, diverging off into other directions, not following the path that you are following.

But that is okay, because they are following their own road, their own path, the one they must travel, because it is their path. Just as you are on yours, there are on theirs.

And they are learning the lessons perhaps that you have already learned. And it is okay for you to give them space, just as you want them to give you space. You want to be able to live your life as you want to live it, just as they need to do that as well.

So do not try to convince anyone that is not ready for it.

But if they show even an inkling of desire to open up to the various truths that are out there, then it is time for you to open up to them. But not until they ask for it. 

Because if you attempt to give them information they are not ready for, they will just simply close off even more than they were previously. Just as you did throughout your life when you heard things to you that were untruth, that did not follow the path that you were on. And when you heard those things, you turned off to those messages.

They are turning off to the messages now. For they are continuing to be in their comfort zones, because that is all they have known. And many are not ready to awaken, and that is okay. Because in their time, in their moment, they will find the opening. Just as you found that opening, whether it was the harmonic convergence that many of you found yourselves awakening in those moments, as the entire race of man in various ways awakened at that time.

And, of course, in your 2012 time period when many, many more awakened, and are continuing to awaken now throughout this decade and into the 2020 decade.

Many, many more shall awaken. Many, many more shall move off of the path that they are finding themselves on now, and moving toward the path that you are on. They also will be taking the road less traveled when they are ready for it.

Diverging paths, that is what is happening now. And there is nothing, and no thing, that you can do at this point to change that.

Try and try as hard as you can, you will continue to find yourselves up against what you call a ‘brick wall.’ So do not even attempt to do so, unless they are ready for it. And again, more and more shall be ready to find the truth for themselves, to begin to research, just as many of you have been doing, to literally look for the truth.

Because they will find more and more that everything they have learned throughout their life has kept them in that comfort zone, and they are now ready to break free. Break free from the matrix, just as you have. Just as you have all taken that red pill, they too will be ready to also take that red pill.

So be patient. Be patient with them. But more importantly, be patient with yourself. And let everything continue to evolve. Let everything continue to come forth in truth, in Light, in love. Because that is the way of the new expression of the higher Earth, higher God-self Earth. Let everything continue to move along.

I leave you now at this time, in these moments, as things begin to more and more accumulate, more and more multiply.

Momentum is on your side.

Momentum is continuing forward.

Just let it do so. And know that everything now at this point is leading to a grand crescendo.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you in love, and peace, and oneness.

Continue on, my friends, continue on