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Living in 3D, 4D and 5D and beyond.

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We are multidimensional beings. This means we reside as consciousness in many dimensions. There are 352 dimensions in our Universe (according to a channeling of Natalie Glasson). And so we reside in all of them as we are all ONE with Mother Father God and All That Is.

And as incarnations in our physical body ascending from 3D to 5D we get to live in both worlds and be aware of it. And so as we are focusing on being in the 5D awareness and beyond, magic happens in 3D, attracting more of what we wish to experience in the physical reality. That is how we become Masters of our physical reality.

And so this morning, i catch my ego telling me : hey, during the course of all this earthly life we have, we managed to go to many places, be and have a lot of things and yet there was also some kind of limitation in being able to choose more freely, more spontaneously to do things because we were one way or another limited by time or not enough money to do certain things that spoke to our heart. Or maybe we managed to do certain things we did but it felt like all went by so fast. Maybe because back then we (we :my ego and me as my Higher Self) did not appreciate that much being in the present moment as much as we do now. And indeed it was so.

So the ego goes back to having certain material things and not having other ones that will make our incarnation more easy and comfortable.

It feels like the ego wants to take care of the physical reality in a way that it was never done before. And while there are many talks out there speaking about forgetting the ego ,i feel this is a moment in my life that i truly recognize my love for my ego because i recognize that it played and always plays a protector role, now adapted to this new 5th Dimensional awareness working in tandem with Higher Self and choosing together what works best. To me this is just WOW WOW WOW. And here goes the ego saying: you remember when you lost a partner in life because she chose to go on the other side on the planet and you could not go because you were engaged in your career and you did not have the financial means to go on visit her even for a few days?

Well , guess what guys. This is all about to change now, not only with all the new technologies coming in like anti gravity technology and teleporation devices but also learning ourselves to do it with our own consiousness, teleportation or telekinesis. We all have the technology within us to do and the more we remember who we really are ,the more we imagine ourselves doing that, the closer we get to manifest it. In 5D what we imagine, has already happened. So the higher we go vibrationally the closer we get to see our super powers coming forward. I truly believe that. Now this does not mean, i will not enjoy the technologies coming forward…that is where my ego comes in again and says : it is all about enjoying the journey along the way, taking it easy, ,being in full appreciation of what is and eager of what is coming (Abraham Hicks).

I truly feel now this balance taking place within me while i am fully aware there is a big journey ahead discovering more of the even higher dimensional aspects while still in a physical ascending body.

That is so much fun to be here.

Just WOW.

Infinite gratitude to God Creator Source and All That Is for creating me, creating all of us!

Nikos Akrivos


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