Jeshua: Your Fire is Eternal

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I am among you and remain among you.

In my day, I was a precursor of the new, but now you are the bearers of the Christ impulse, and you are transmitting this energy. It is born through you and in that way flows into the world, although that happens, essentially, not because of what you do or say, but from who you are and through your heart. Your heart is open, although saying that makes it sound easier than it actually is. Opening your heart means that you go beyond the level of your personal will, your ego. You have come to a point of surrender in which you release the known, the certainty, the control, and you surrender yourself to the current that flows through you and takes you into new and uncharted territory. That current is the flow of the heart.

The flow of the heart is innovative and reveals paths that are necessary for human consciousness on Earth to open itself to new ways. Existing roads are dead-ends, leading to decay and destruction. You could visualize the collective consciousness on Earth as a vast network of energies consisting of thoughts, beliefs, and their associated emotions. However, that network has become something of a maze so that many blind alleys and dead ends have been created. Consciousness on Earth is obstructed by a rigid, masculine energy that has controlled the structure of societies for centuries. That dominating, rigid, masculine energy has become destructive and does not flow with the current of the heart.

What you are seeing now is the intensification of the collective suffering on Earth, because the sensitivity in people’s hearts has increased. It hurts to live under the sway of control. It causes you to stray from your soul’s stream, and it causes a deep sense of being cut off from the source, from your own wellspring. Being cut off from your own heart, your spirit, your inner fire, is always the main cause of suffering.

You are the ones who are fanning the fire in the collective consciousness. That is what you do because of who you are. Do not focus too much on what you might do or the shape it might take, but feel that fire within you: the fire of strength, light, and brightness. Feel how that fire sheds light on the old, existing structures – the fire itself is breaking them open. Your consciousness, by its very nature, breaks things open, and as a result, it is confrontational and revolutionary. That is why you have become afraid of the power of your fire and why you want to hide it. But you cannot keep your fire hidden for long, because your heart is open, which means that at some point in the long history of your soul, you already surrendered to that current.

You can no longer function within the short-sighted egoic flow of survival, certainty, and safety. You have long heard the call of your soul and you want to heed it. You have to follow your inner fire, otherwise you would become ill or depressed, or you would feel pain on many levels. Therein lies your great courage: you have come to Earth in this incarnation, as in previous incarnations, knowing beforehand: “I am going to keep my fire awake and follow through with all the dangers that this entails.” You are the fire in this world, the fire that burns clear, pure, and clean, and fire is light.

Now connect with your fire. Start with your feet, which are so close to the Earth. There is fire in the Earth, too, with heat in the Earth’s core. Earth is a living planet, a living being full of power, creativity, and originality, and therefore full of fire. She is a unique being with a soul of her own and an inner life. Earth feels nourished by your fire and your originality. You belong together – you are connected to the Earth. You love the Earth and the life here that is under so much pressure right now. Connect with the core, the heart, of Earth. Feel her warmth, her inner glow; how she nourishes and shapes life: the diversity, the beauty of nature, of the animals and plants, the incredible richness of life here.

Feel the fire within you, your love for life, and let the flow of your energy come together with that of the Earth through your feet. Say “yes” to the Earth. Feel that your connection to the Earth goes deeper than your connection to the collective consciousness on the Earth, that collective consciousness of humanity. Put that aside and feel your original connection to the Earth, the planet, and with the soul of the Earth. Your history with the Earth is deep and far reaching. You have been deeply connected with the creation of life on the Earth, which is why it affects you so much when you see how nature is treated and how much has been lost. You are deeply connected to life here: to the animal and plant kingdoms. You were a co-creator of life here when you were still in your angel stage. Feel your warmth and protective care for the natural life on the Earth. Feel how you want to cherish it and to help it to flourish.

Also feel how the Earth supports you. You are welcome here, so welcome. Let Earth greet you. Let her energy flow into your feet and lower legs, your thighs, right up to your tailbone. Feel that you are being borne. Earth is strong and big, and she is conscious. Do not forget that! She is not a helpless thing. Earth wants to transform, just as do you. You are allies in that regard, partners.

It is important that you understand this, because being grounded can create a sense of well-being, of feeling at home even amid the struggle to develop yourself. For many of you, however, grounding has become a problem because of your adverse reaction to the collective consciousness: the human thinking on the Earth. But with Earth herself, you have no problem with grounding, because you are deeply connected to the Earth. Think of the mountains, seas, forests, brilliant skies, of a deer, an elephant, a bird. You love nature on a deeper level than you might realize.

It is important that you restore that bond inwardly, because Earth can nurture and guide you, especially in this day and age when there are no more certainties. The human certainties you were taught as a child – a career, money, relationships – all that is falling away because the old structures are falling away. The need for a new beginning is becoming more and more moving and obvious. Therefore, trust your roots in planet Earth, in her consciousness. Your body is made of the Earth; you come from her elements. You are a part of her, and she welcomes you.

You also give so much to her. Through your fire, your originality, your insights – matured through your many lives here on the Earth – you are an incredible treasure for Earth. She sees in you a guide, a teacher, and she wants to support you. What you have to do, and what you are doing, is to step out of that collective consciousness that has ruled for centuries; that consciousness based on fear, control, exercise of power, and false authorities. What you are doing in this life of completion and integration is that you are coming back to your soul, your heart. You are coming back through all those layers of pain and fear, and you are becoming detached from that antiquated consciousness and becoming new. In this new becoming, you start to feel and restore your partnership with Earth.

When you step out of the collective thoughts of fear, you become free. You feel that your life is no longer dictated by all those social laws which seemed to be so true. You are a much more powerful creator than you think; much more powerful than you have been told. Look intuitively at what Earth has produced from her womb – you. However, when you step out of the collective conditioning, you can feel an intense fear, because as a human being you are programmed to want to fit in. You associate the stepping out with being disowned, being isolated, being punished. All the old traumas you have acquired are, as it were, activated the moment you essentially step out of that whole dogmatism.

But realize you are not alone. There are many with you now. And not only in the spiritual world, as you call it – the world beyond the physical where there are guides and soul mates who support you – but on the Earth itself. There is now a process of awakening on the Earth that is causing more and more people to wake up and feel inwardly: “I can no longer deal with this – this hurts too much – this is making me ill – I am stuck”.

I tell you that you are forerunners. You are the ones who have been called to disentangle yourself from the history of who you are, and doing that is essentially an inner step. It is not so much about what you do, or what you say, or how you act, but that you free yourself from your entire history. Becoming free of your history is your deepest intention and, therefore, your mission as a soul, because when you free yourself from that collective trance, you lead the way for others.

And you do not have to do anything else but that, the rest happens on its own – people recognize your light. The difference from earlier times is that now so many ruptures have happened in that old fabric of fear-based thinking, aggression, and control – so many openings – that your light can be recognized and known. You can continue to participate in earthly life, while at the same time, when it comes to your old thought patterns, you are outside the old way. In a sense, you become a resident of two worlds.

What is needed to make your soul destination a reality is to become free inwardly. Feel your inner fire, the fire of who you are. To make this visible, imagine that this collective consciousness, which is full of negative thought patterns, fears, and beliefs, is an huge bubble, and inside that bubble, you are present with your fire. However, it might feel threatening to you to radiate that fire, and to keep that torch of light before you, because the energies inside that bubble can scare, resist, or attack you. You may feel threatened, but realize that you are essentially inviolate – your fire is eternal.

Now imagine that you, with your fire, are outside that bubble. There you are present from your open heart. And what happens then? Then you dance! You enjoy your freedom and your own sparkling, beautiful energy, and you meet like-minded people – kindred spirits. There are now holes in that collective bubble, so no matter what happens, there are people who will observe you. These are people who are searching for something new and who want to know more about what you are doing. They are getting out, too, and coming to you because they see you as an example. And you do not have to work to be that, you just have to remain yourself, away from those collective fear patterns. That is your leadership.

Do not try to influence people – one way or the other. Instead, stay in your natural place as a resident of two worlds and simply attend to yourself and live comfortably. This whole idea of suffering and struggling is a concept that is part of the trance in the collective bubble. Stay out of it! Then you fulfill your role for others powerfully and, at the same time, without effort. What people need – and also what the consciousness on the Earth needs – are living examples, and that is all. And by doing just that, you naturally attract what suits you: in terms of work, your daily life, your lifestyle. It is not your job to determine all that from your head – let the energy do its job and you enjoy your freedom.

Whatever happens, at least your awareness of time changes as soon as you step out of that bubble. You will be less concerned with planning and organizing, and you will feel more a timeless force, a current that, every day, creates certain promptings which make you flow more freely. And that is a much better way for you to live. You all have done too much striving and worrying; you all have sought, strived, and struggled. Take the rest you deserve.

I greet you all from a deeply felt connection. I am with you; I have never left. Feel my warmth and love. You are protected. Revel in the light.

Thank you for being here on Earth at this time.