How to deal with the fog of uncertainty?

This particular website is focused more on the emotional part of The Self for the simple reason that we are vibration and vibration is the only thing that is real every moment. Everything else is the after effect of the way we feel within both in the now and in the future. What we send out, comes back. As within so without. And if we dig a little further within we find that Love, Joy, Gratitude, Compassion, Peace, Forgiveness are of the highest of all vibrations. Yet at the same time all those feel very similar, not exactly the same and yet all are in the ‘high vibes’ scale of emotions.

I am very aware that this knowingness can not be be reached by simply reading these words or it may very well be when one has practised enough to reach and sustain this state of beingness. It is a moment to moment practice and through my perspective the highest purpose in life as from that state everything flows, everything is created and everything flows in our experience with ease and grace. The very things we desire in our lives, both individually and collectively flow from that realization as we become aware that once we feel good we feel God and so we are everything we want to be, do or have in the moment. IAM that IAM.

So reaching at all times for ways to feel good makes the path to alignement with who and what we truly are, each and everyONE, easy.

To intend to feel good, to vibrate in that state comes from taking action in the moment in a variety of ways that can be fun, playful , full of laughter or simply in meditation or taking a nap. I’ve been sharing a variety of all those on this website. We are ascending yes and we can have great fun and enjoy the ride along the way by constantly finding new ways to raise our frequency. It does not need to be difficult if we choose not to mention it in our conversations. It is a moment to moment choice. Speaking ONLY of what we want.

Now, i am very aware that along the Ascension path, there will be many moments that can be short or longer depending on the energies pummeling the planet, where one can not feel good. And in these moments, again the best thing one can do is to reach for the feeling of EASE. What makes you feel at ease? A meditation practice, singing, dancing, painting, being lazy, taking a nap, all those one after one another? everybody is different and everybody have their own ways and everybody has the abundance of freedom of choice to feel good every moment without feeling guilty when these moments are not always there because Ascension takes place and contrast gives the reason to expand further knowing fully what we don’t want so we can create and feel and be, do and have what we do want.

Just letting it be enough to focus only on the way we feel every moment without having anything showing up in the material world being in the Feel More Than Fine state more often than not is The True Wealth and it is the best option we have at all times and especially when we are surrounded by the fog of uncertainty in the outer world.

Focus on feeling good more often that not and you ll be more than fine!

Nikos Akrivos

Ascension Guidance, Golden Age Wayshower and Healing DJ.


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