Joy is renewed in the quiet spaces and places of your heart when light and nutrients of what you call self care, and what we call essential time, is given.

two brown trees
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Trees of Nova Gaia 4/3/2022

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We rustle with the calming energies of light and breezes from this space of knowing, of peace, of acceptance, of resolution. We are in the space of completion, and yet creation. You are in the space of dis-creation and re-creation and it feels as if you are in the void, for your external and your internal worlds do not match and it is a time of disconnect of realities.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We are deeply rooted in the light of new beginnings and of the old ways of peace. Not all that you see is deeply rooted. Not all is rooted in truth and light and most are simply shadows, seedlings of ideas that have not taken root. (I am seeing old dark trees being uprooted and laying on the ground. I am seeing them being covered with seedlings of green, becoming nurse logs for new life.) We are showing you this, galaxygirl, for many dark ideas are being uprooted, discarded and new ideas will take root. All is not lost. You have been assimilating and reorganizing your own genetic and cellular structure with these solar storms and energy upgrades. We send you our light now. (I am surrounded in bright green leaves and I feel the breezes and sunbeams of Nova Gaia on my face. I feel the cool dark earth on my toes and I am grounding with them. I see small green shoots encircle my feet, tickling them.) We are very real here in this space, galaxygirl, more real than what you see. The holo-world is morphing into much more than you have experienced, certainly within this lifetime. You all remember, the ancient ones, you remember and that is why you returned, to bring this space into that which was of pure beauty, of light, of hope, and of pure creation.

The joy will return but it must be nurtured within. Joy is renewed in the quiet spaces and places of your heart when light and nutrients of what you call self care, and what we call essential time, is given. You have been in a consumer reality where if it is needed it is taken. In Nova Gaia, if it is needed, it is given, and recreated so there is no lack or space of loss. So must be done for your own human vessel. If you give, replace with self love, with time, with healing so that you can regenerate your own energy from the great All That Is. There is no lack of this energy. It is the very air that you breathe, it is the love that surrounds. We can feel this love, it is in our very roots and leaves. Our branches sway in the gentle winds and we move this love to share with the others. We are love, in tree form. You are love in human form. You have been many forms. We are sending you tree love now. Feel our green wave of light surround your human form and remember the freedom and the unity that is yours by birthright.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. Some of you will choose to live within our branches and trunks in tree houses, illuminated with crystals that glow and communicate easily. Others will choose to use Nova Gaia as a home base and travel the stars. All are permissible, all are wise choices, for there is no time. There is all time. There is all time for the space of healing and renewal, of reunions and rebirths, of re-creation. Nova Gaia is fully operational. We are grounded deeply within to her frame. We are closely linked in with her crystal networks of light and that is why we are slightly illuminated at night for the crystal networks enliven us. (I am seeing how tree communication in our world is nothing like the depth of communication that the Nova Gaia trees are able to perform, because there is so much greenery and forestry on her, that it is all a massive network of communication. I am seeing their roots are deeply intertwined with seed crystals and the network of the crystalline consciousness is deeply interwoven for maximum communication and joy.) This is how the human network was supposed to function. You will no longer feel cut off and communication will be easy and light, effortless.

Humanity has been disconnected in many ways, divided from each other and from your own divine understanding. (I am seeing newly planted trees all in a row, separated and alone, without the community of the forest.) No longer will this be the same. (I am seeing roots underground growing outward, reaching for other roots and finding them). This is what you are all doing now. You are finding each other. All is a massive network of light, of communication. The starseeds are in process of germination and regrowth. Roots are sprouting, ideas are forming and communities will be formed. You are not alone. Star networks are much like our tree network. We show you the roots so you may more easily tap into your own star families, for that is what is occurring. All networks of communication, of reunion, of light, are regrouping. This is the great celebration. And we wish for you to feel our excitement. It is much more than Gaia’s healing. It is the recalibration and regrouping, the reunion of many. Much healing is to occur.

We trees think deep thoughts and we see and feel many things. Tap into our communicate network and feel the comfort that we offer to you with respect, with reverence. We deeply appreciate the growth, the work, the love that you have been planting upon your Gaia. It is creating us. You have planted us. Do you see? For there is no time. Time is a spiral with no end. We are connecting with you now.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We love you with deep roots and open branches. Rest with us for awhile.

We are the Trees of Nova Gaia. We send you our love and deep knowing now. Feel our roots of light and love around you now and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl